Lincoln is a company with a rich history in auto vehicles and they are something of a stalwart here in terms of great American companies who make wonderful cars. With this being said there was some talk in recent years that Lincolns aren’t quite what they used to be, but Lincoln fans tell a very different story. In fact Lincoln themselves have been clearly aware of the talk that has been going on about their potential demise, strategizing an ad campaign which has successfully dispelled such nonsense. Furthermore Lincoln are also still producing beautiful cars, many of which prove that Lincoln still very much are contenders in the car game. If you are looking for to get a new Lincoln this summer, these are 3 cars which prove that Lincoln has still got it.

The Aviator

Lincoln displayed their SUV offering The Aviator at the New York car show this year and it is possibly one of the finest SUVs out there on the market. The Aviator, aside from having a very cool name, has always done well for Lincoln since its revamp in 2005, but this 2018 model looks set to blow its customers away. This year’s Aviator is sleeker, faster, more powerful, more spacious and far more eco-friendly than any vehicle which the company has ever produced.

Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln have not always been known for their sedans but the 2018 MKZ looks set to change all of that. The vehicle has already won 3 industry awards for safety since it has been released, and many are tipping it to become the most popular sedan in 2018. This is indeed high praise for a car has only been around for a few months having just been released in April. The car features an exclusive 3.0 GTDI V6 which helps this little beauty to roar along the highway. The MKZ produces 400 horsepower, far more than any sedan which it has produced and the 5 star safety rating makes it a very attractive cars for families and individuals alike. If you want a great sedan, look no further than the Lincoln MKZ, sure to be the top of its class this year.


The Lincoln Continental is a flagship car for the company which has been popular for many years now. Often people think that they cannot improve the Continental but each year Lincoln prove once again their mastery when it comes to designing cars and the Continental just continues to get better and better. This is a car that is like a fine wine, constantly improving with age. If you want to make a real statement then this is the car that you need, stylish, spacious, classy and very, very powerful. This year’s model sees Lincoln install a monster twin-turbo 3.0 liter V6, which has helped to take this famous car to new levels. If you are able to choose from the full range, the Lincoln that you want is without question a Continental.

Which Lincoln will you buy?