Lake House

If you’re in a financial position where you’re able to purchase a second home, you have plenty of options at your fingertips. You could buy a beach house, mountain house, or even a loft in the city. But there’s one property that’s better than all of these: a lake house.

Making the Case for a Lake House

We’ll readily admit that a lake house isn’t right for everyone. However, in terms of second homes, most people will have a difficult time finding a property that’s more appealing than a lakefront home. Here are some of the biggest perks:

1. Adventure

On the one hand, a lake house is a relaxing escape from the busyness of everyday life. On the other hand, it’s an epicenter for adventure. If you’re looking for a perfect marriage between relaxation and excitement, a lake house is your place. Some activities for your family to enjoy include:

  • Wakeboarding. Few watersports are more exciting than wakeboarding. While the basics of wakeboarding are easy to master, it’s a sport that will continually challenge you to get better. It’s also a sport that all ages and genders can participate in (making it ideal for large families).
  • Fishing. For those who prefer a more relaxed feel, there’s fishing. Whether it’s from a dock or a boat, the sport of fishing is exciting, enjoyable, and rewarding (particularly for those who enjoy fresh fish).
  • Paddleboarding. Even if boating isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy getting out on the water. For both exercise and fun, give paddleboarding a try.

Whatever your personality, there’s adventure to be had on the lake. You can soak it up as much as you’d like with a beautiful lakefront property.

2. Versatility

A lake house is versatile in the sense that it can be used differently throughout the year. During the spring and summer months, boating season is in peak form. During the fall, there’s great fishing to be had. In the winter, a lake house can be used as a cozy retreat for reading, relaxing, and spending time together as a family.

Lake houses also make perfect rental properties when they aren’t being used. In fact, renting out a lake house for a few weeks each year may cover the house payments. If you own the property free and clear, it can provide a little supplemental income. Either way, you have the option to use a lake house in multiple ways.

3. Convenience

By one report, there are an estimated 125,000 lakes in the contiguous United States. While many of these are tiny, private lakes, there are still hundreds of large, private lakes throughout the country. In fact, most states have at least a dozen major lakes with surrounding real estate developments and living opportunities. Compare this to the fact that just 24 states are “coastal” (or 30 if you include states on the Great Lakes).

In other words, lake houses are far more convenient than beach properties (for the majority of U.S. households). If you’re in a landlocked state – or inland on a coastal state – it could take you hours to get to a beach house. A lake house, on the other hand, can typically be reached in under an hour. This makes it the perfect weekend getaway.

4. Price

In terms of cost, lakefront property tends to be less expensive than most other types of real estate – particularly beachfront property or apartments in major cities. And when you consider all that comes with a lake house, you get far more bang for your buck.

5. Maintenance

The maintenance that’s required with a lake house is far less than with a beach house. The freshwater is easier on the house and you don’t have to worry about the deterioration caused by salt and humidity. There’s also far less risk of hurricane damage. (Though flooding can be a risk on certain lakes.)

Lake House For The Win

For those with the financial flexibility and opportunity to own a second home, there are lots of options. And while a beach house or mountain home certainly has some appeal, they don’t come close to the benefits of owning a lake house. Keep this in mind as you explore the possibilities of purchasing a second property. You won’t be disappointed!