Summer means beautiful lawns. However, according to Trugreen complaints about summer lawns are also common. The idyllic image of barbecues on the lawn while children run around is one that doesn’t materialize by itself. It requires a little bit of work. Thankfully, once you know what needs to be done, which you can read in this review, you will be able to achieve that idyllic image. Of course, you also always have the option of simply enlisting a professional lawn care service, which allows you to simply sit back and enjoy the results.

Top 5 Trugreen Complaints Resolutions

  1. Always water your lawn carefully. The hotter the weather gets, the more attention your lawn needs. Make sure it receives at least an inch of water each weak. If the temperature rises above 100F, however, give it a bit more.
  2. Always water early on the morning, so your lawn has the chance to evaporate. This is why, if you become a customer with True Green, they are likely to be at your property at the crack of dawn once a week. The once a week element is important, because a lawn should be watered very deeply. A weekly deep water is better for your lawn than seven shallow waters, and it conserves water overall as well.
  3. Do not fertilize in summer. A good lawn service includes bi-annual fertilization: in early spring and in early fall. Not just that, they should use the right kind of fertilizer, which is an organic one. If you search for a lawn service to work with, you should read the reviews others have left and look specifically for a comment on which type of fertilizer is used. Chemical fertilizers will turn your lawn patchy and brown. If you want to look after your lawn yourself, do also make sure you’re not using anything chemical.
  4. You must weed! While a professional company will de-weed for you, you must do it yourself if you spot any coming out when they aren’t working in your garden. The best way to de-weed is by hand pulling them out, as this also doesn’t stress your lawn. Using a spray must be done sparingly because of the chemicals.
  5. Watch the grubs. Depending on where you live, you may find that your lawn becomes infested with insects and bugs. If this happens, you will need to use some sort of grub remover. It is best to do this towards the middle of summer.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of work to be done. This is also why so many bring in the professionals instead, since it guarantees the work is done right. If you choose your company based on what previous customers have said, do reply to reviews. Letting others know you found this review helpful will ensure that they, too, can find the right lawn care business for their particular needs. In so doing, more people can have a beautiful lawn.