With no doubt, if you have ever tried flying with a private jet you know the difference and understand that there are thousands of benefits that corporate jets can offer to a regular passenger. Of course, it is impossible to include all the benefits into one article. This is why, we offer you to learn seven main reasons why private charter aircraft flight are better than regular commercial flights.

Time saving

Most frequently timer saving benefit is the main reason why people, and especially business people, choose corporate jet Depending on the program you opt for, you can actually book a flight only a couple of hours prior to the required flight. You spend less time on the ground before the flight, you have simplified customs checking procedure as well as prioritized passport check. As a result you same up to 2 hours on the ground prior to the flight. After the landing you also do not have to stay in lines for all the checks, you get priority and can start doing your work only a quarter of an hour after the landing.


Private corporate jet flights tend to have smaller aircrafts, as a result they can operate with the bigger number of airports. For example, in the US private companies have over 5,000 airports in use, while big commercial companies have only around 500. It means that you get a possibility to lend much closer to your destination. Furthermore, all you baggage goes with you on board which allows you to take much more luggage and, let’s say, liquids with you without any restrictions.


You can book your plane only a couple of hours prior to the flight, which offers you unbelievable convenience in time and space. On the first notice, a private charter aircraft will be ready to deliver your personality wherever you need to. You may also change the itinerary of the flight while already being on board!

Quality of service

With no doubt, private companies have much smaller number of passengers on board which allows them to offer much better service for every passenger separately. You will also have better food and beverages on board if it is important to you.

Free time

As you have less time needed to be spent on your flight you have more free time to stay with your friends and family or for doing business. Regardless of the purposes, you become the master of your time and not the airline.


During the flight there will be less people around you and as a result you will have much more space to do whatever you need to do. Forget about screaming children and snoring neighbors forever!

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As a final point, it is worth noting that when you go private, you remove the risk of delays. Delays to your flight can be a real pain, not just the experience itself, but also the claim afterwards. Head to Flight Delay Claims 4 U, in order to make the process easier if you have had to claim. Delays aren’t fun, but there is plenty of help out there to get your compensation.

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