Short-term lets are becoming more and more popular with business people and students. Madrid is a hub for culture, business and tourism. A short-term let gives your a home away from home with all of the benefits of a hotel, you can have your room cleaned daily and be surrounded with some of the most luxurious furnishings but what areas are the best to live in when looking to rent an apartment for a month in Madrid?

short terms Madrid

Salamanca – One of the most exclusive areas of Madrid, Salamanca plays host to some of the best shops and restaurants in the city. Salamanca is one of the most expensive areas to rent a flat but it offers extremely high quality housing in an excellent environment. Well connected with the city with public transport, Salmanaca is great for business people looking to live in an authentic Spanish neighbourhood.

Chueca – One of Madrid’s trendiest areas, Chueca is centrally located in Madrid and is one of the coolest areas to live hosting much of Madrid’s gay community. Chueca is excellent if you want to be in the centre of the city with an active community around you.  Chueca has some excellent markets if you are looking for an authentic Spanish experience.

Sol – Sol is the very heart of Mardid and the meeting and business centre of the city. If you are in Madrid for business Sol is great. If you are a tourist in Madrid, you will find everything in Sol. From great restaurants to shopping Sol has everything. If you struggle with Spanish, Sol plays host the the largest amount of English speakers everywhere from shops to restaurants.

Lavapies – South of the city centre and only 10 minutes from the Centre, Lavapies provides excellent value for money with short-term lets. An up and coming area Lavapies is one of Madrid’s most diverse neighbourhoods hosting large African and Indian communities. Lavapies is a safe community with many people always outside, it’s a great place to be if you are looking for an authentic Spanish neighbourhood with an international vibe.

Pozuelo – Northwest of Madrid, Pozuelo is a high-class suburb of the city where you can find everything you want. Only around 20 minutes from the centre of the city, Pozuelo allows you to escape the bustle of the city and stay in comfortable surroundings. Being in the suburbs you will be able to find houses and larger flats, if you don’t want to be constrained in the city.

Madrid is one of the largest cities in Europe and there are always excellent properties available thought the city. The best advice is to research thoroughly the areas of the city to find the best property for you. Whether you are staying in the city for a month or for longer, finding a great location is key to getting the most out of your stay in Madrid and getting the most done while you are here, whatever that may be.