Let us fantasize for a moment, you play the Mega Millions lottery online and this is the week that your numbers come up, you’ve finally hit the jackpot. Once the shock of what has happened has subsided and the money is finally sat in your bank account, what will you do with it? How will you go about spending it? Let’s be honest, this is a scenario which many of us have thought about before, and here are some of the scenarios which could take place after your lotto win, which one best describes how you will react?

Staying the Same

Upon winning the jackpot many people simply aren’t interested in the enormous number in their bank account, they just want things to stay the same. Of course things never really stay the same but aside from those extra vacations, some hand outs to family and friends, paying off debts, buying a new car and picking up some new clothes, many people like to keep their lives as normal as possible.

Going All Out

In contrast to things staying the same, others cannot wait to live the lavish life which they feel that they have long deserved. These lotto winners are out and about on day one snapping up the finest clothing, the sports cars and searching for the mansion where they will spend their days. Despite the big lotto jackpot however, there is a tale of woe here which should be noted as many who have decided upon the luxury lifestyle cannot always sustain it.

Growing Wealth

The smart lotto winners are those who use their winnings to grow their wealth even further, ensuring that they can live the lavish and luxury lifestyle for the rest of their lives. These people like to invest in stocks and shares or invest their winnings into a business which will keep them earning money for the foreseeable future. It can be tempting to simply sit on the winnings and hope that it looks after you forever, but to make sure of it you could look to use the money which you have, to make even more.

The Frugal Millionaire

Another option which many lotto winners will decide upon is to splash the cash, but in a frugal way. The frugal spenders sit somewhere in-between those who like to keep things the same, and those who want to blow out with their winnings. These winners like to go out and spend big on a house or a car, but they will remain frugal when it comes to day-to-day spends, or spontaneous spends on lavish or decadent items. Many of these types of winners will prefer to do something philanthropical with their cash, looking for a better quality of life overall rather than looking to increase their happiness with material items.

Let’s assume that you hit the jackpot this week, which kind of winner will you be?