When you think about what lawn care is, you probably think of regular watering, weeding, and mowing. Of course, these are all incredibly important, perhaps none more so than watering. According to professional lawn service company True Green, water is also very difficult to control. You may, for instance, just have watered your lawn, only to find there is a sudden downpour. This is why a good lawn service will also look at things such as irrigation and at the condition of your soil. In fact, the Trugreen reviews all emulate the same thing: every customer is happy about how much the company truly looks after their lawns.

Key Things to Know about Watering Lawns

Another thing you need to know about your lawn, is that how much and how often you should water it, depends on a variety of other factors. Those include:

  1. The type of grass you have planted. For instance, ryegrass, fescue, bluegrass, and wheatgrass, must be mowed to the right length so that they don’t get thatch, particularly if you have overwatered or underwatered your lawn.
  2. The condition of your soil.
  3. The depth of your roots – the deeper they are established, the less water you will need.
  4. The season – when it is summer, more water will evaporate, particularly if your root system is not properly established yet.
  5. The level of shade, with lawns in shaded areas requiring far less watering than those in sunny areas. Again, the exception is if the grass is well-established, and particularly if you have planted a native grass.

A lot of people decide to simply water their lawn whenever they feel like it, and to keep watering in it until it “looks right”. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to benefit your lawn at all. Underwater it, and it won’t have the ability to establish a deep root system. This will result in patchiness and dead areas. Overwater it, and the roots will drown and the plant may die completely. It is also more likely for fungus to start growing at this point. The five factors above all influence how much water you should give, and how often, and all five of them are interrelated.

Hiring the Professionals

When you consider all of this, it is no wonder that so many people decide to become a customer with a professional service like True Green. If you are one of them, then do take the time to read the company’s many reviews, and to comment on and reply to reviews as well. Someone else may come across this review and find that it benefits them later on, after all.

True Green believes that we all share one planet, and that means we have a shared responsibility to look after it. This is done by commenting on reviews, but mainly by focusing only on natural lawn care products, and on making sure the right treatment is given to the right lawn. Let’s not forget, after all, the huge environmental impact of overwatering a lawn.