If you are a financial advisor or you wish to become one, this is the article for you. What better advice to receive than from one of the top finical advisors in the USA, and that is exactly what we have for you to today. Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami – based advisor has recently been included in Forbes top 250 wealth managers in the country. Dwyer works at his firm Dwyer & Associates is part of Merrill Lynch’s private investment and banking group, and he is based in Miami where he works with some o fetch wealthiest companies and individuals. There is a big difference between a good advisor and a great advisor, and here is what you need to become the latter.


As basic as it may sound, to be a great financial advisor you need to be right about your advice and predictions, way more than you are wrong. This is not to say that you must have a perfect record, after all nobody really knows exactly what a market will do. In order rot be successful you must be able to analyze data better than others, you must gain a track record of giving great advice and you must ultimately make your clients money. The best strategy therefore is to be cautious in your early years, and not take unnecessary risks. Your reputation will precede you in this industry so you need to ensure that it is one of successful selections.

Interpersonal Skills

Many advisors fail in the most simple aspect of their job, building and maintaining relationships. Even if your advice is perfect, the way in which you speak with clients and the way that you treat them, speaks volumes in terms of how successful you have been, and will be. With this in mind it is crucial that you have interpersonal skills, that you can speak to a wide range of people from different backgrounds, that you understand their situation and that you can give them the confidence that you are in fact working for them.


One of the hardest aspects of being a great financial advisor is to be someone who looks at things differently from the rest, and pioneers new ways of analyzing, working and making money. A perfect example would be the recent rise of cryptocurrencies, those advisors who saw opportunities in 2016 or earlier are the pioneers, whilst the rest of the bunch would have caught on last year, in time to make money, but too late to really make a killing like those before. This is hard to master and it is what make s great financial advisor as good as they are. It is important not to get stuck in the norm, and constantly seek opportunities elsewhere, this is what will turn you from a financial advisor into a well respected and great advisor like Mr Dwyer.