One of the things that most people agree with when referring to politicians is that they all lie. Every single person in the world saw politicians that made empty promises, only to then disregard them after being elected. Even so, we, as human beings, want to believe. We do not pay attention to what happens. People tend to be naïve, apathetic and do continue voting based on the same exact promises instead of the viability of the proposed action plan.

Cielo Gonzalez Villa mentions that it is time for people to be informed and spot the false statements made by modern politicians. Unfortunately, there are not many viable solutions that are now available to people. There is no understanding of what should be analyzed in order to spot the people that lie. If you want to be better equipped and spot those politicians you should not trust, here are some options to consider.

Fact Checking

Social media and the internet make it a lot easier to spread false stats but this does not actually happen if people actually check facts. Before you believe, you need to check what was said. You should never trust anything that you find on social media. As the 2016 US elections taught us, the internet is nowadays filled with numerous false data. Before you think that anything is correct, no matter who shares it, friend or politician, double check the facts. It does not matter why false information is spread. If you are careful, you spot it!

The Speeches Of The Politicians

You always want to carefully listen to what the politician states and the claims that are made during speeches. The trick here is to not blindly follow simply because it fits a personal agenda or some sort of self-interest. You want to look at the politicians and see who is better prepared. At the same time, you need to analyze the solutions that are offered in order to be sure they are viable. Always consider the reality of the situation, common good and ramifications before you are blinded by rhetoric.

Is The Politician Ready?

So many times we see people voting on celebrity, personality or an intangible reason. Instead, it is a much better idea to vote based on who is actually prepared for the necessities and responsibilities of highly effective leading. You want to vote those politicians that are ready and that can make a true difference.

The Positive Difference

When you listen to different politicians you quickly realize the fact that many of them say there is a need to make a change. People love that since they feel that it is actually important to make changes. However, if the changes are not based on solutions that are truly viable, they will not happen. You want to focus on those politicians that seek positive differences while serving the best interests of the citizens.

On the whole, it is clear that we need public officials but are better. However, instead of complaining that all of them are bad, all voters should follow the advice above to actually identify those that are good.