No time to attend classes? Looking for an English teacher online? I have some good news for you all. Somewhere in the world, there is a teacher who is also looking for you. 

Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to look for a teacher who lives somewhere nearby. Of course, there are many advantages to one-on-one classes or in groups. But how cool it is to sit in slippers and speak English with a teacher who may be sitting in any other country. Even if you study English on your own or in a group, personal lessons will help you deal with everything faster and more efficiently. If you want to learn English online with an efficient teacher, English tutor is highly recommended.

So, let’s go to search for a dream tutor for you! 

In which cases it is worth considering online activities? 

  • Need help with homework
  • You have serious problems learning English
  • You have a lot of grammar questions
  • Want to improve your pronunciation
  • Do you want to reach your goal quickly
  • Want to challenge yourself
  • Want to learn English with a native speaker

Basic things you must see before choosing an online English tutor

  • Which teacher is right for you?
  • Before you look for a teacher, you need to know who exactly you are looking for.
  • Think, why exactly do you need a teacher?
  • What do you want to learn from him?
  • What is your goal?
  • Where should the teacher come from?
  • What is the best tuition price for you?
  • How experienced should a teacher be?
  • What are the reviews about the teacher?
  • Do you need your first free lesson?
  • How many classes per week do you plan to attend? And what time will be more convenient for you? 


What are some technical issues to consider?

For the classes to be held efficiently and effectively, it is necessary to take care of the technical side. If you use a headset, this will allow you to concentrate better and not be distracted by extraneous sounds. In addition, the sound quality of the microphone must be efficient enough, so the teacher will be able to hear your mistakes better and correct them! And also you won’t have to ask a hundred times if you don’t hear something. You also need to take care of the quality of the Internet. Good online schools compensate for the lessons that did not take place due to poor communication, but it is better to discuss such moments with the teacher immediately in the first lesson. 

So we are all set!

Finally, the main question.

Everyone wants to achieve heights in the profession to succeed and become the best in their field. What does it mean to be a good teacher? What is needed to be successful and with whom do students prefer to engage? Today we’ll try to figure out what qualities determine a successful English teacher.

1. Item knowledge

Everyone desires to learn from a professional who knows the subject and have expertise in it. English training is quite a difficult task for learners, and every English teacher must know the language and the methodology of its teaching. It would seem obvious! However, the simple truth is often neglected. If you decide to learn English, you must constantly improve the level of discovering the language, without ceasing to research and development. The same applies to teaching methods. It is one thing to know the language, quite another to be able to teach the language of others! However, knowledge of the subject is insufficient in the modern teaching market.

2. Empathy and friendliness

The teacher must be empathic and friendly to understand all questionings and problems you face in learning the language. If the teacher does not understand your queries and problems, he’s not a suitable English teacher for you.

3. Desire for development 

A desire for development is the most important point. There is such an expression: “Do or Die”. Professionally developed hesitancy will affect the demand for you as a specialist. The language and methodology of its teaching do not stand still, so the constant development is certainly an important part of the teaching profession. 

In the modern world, professionals have become much easier to find on the Internet. Many teacher communities are leading publishers (Cambridge, Oxford, Pearson, Macmillan) conduct webinars, training, MOOCs, etc. So there is an opportunity to develop even for those who live in small cities. 

4. Enthusiasm

The teacher must be enthusiastic about his subject. Even working on a boring book, the teacher can change a lot with enthusiasm! If a person loves his subject and enthusiastically shares knowledge – this inspires confidence and shows that, most likely, this same person has the three qualities listed above.

5. Creativity

Everyone knows that the teaching profession is perhaps one of the most creative things. It’s not about how old you work. Often, teachers have to work with large groups, with limited materials or without materials at all – the ability to adapt to the situation, adapt material, assignments, and come up with an interesting game will make you a master of their craft. No one says that you need to run courses in drawing, to dance or to play the guitar. Everyone has their talents. However, periodically leave the comfort zone and not afraid to try new things.

6. Patience

The big noticeable part in the teacher is his patience in his teaching profession. If a teacher does not have patience and does not understand the student peacefully, frankly he’s not a convenient teacher for you.

7. Dedication

A good teacher is always dedicated to his teaching. No matter how much difficulties he is facing in his profession, he always works with dedication and full of concentration. 

8. Industriousness

Teaching English is not a piece of cake! This profession requires full dedication, willingness, work tirelessly, and constantly do something. However, diligence bears when students succeed because they have been taught by a great English teacher. It is always pleasant to thank your teacher and his assistance, share successes, show certificates for excellent exams and recommend to friends.

9. Punctuality and organized work 

One of the important points for a teacher is always to be organized and punctual. Surely you do not like it when a teacher is late. Guess what is mutual! To be late is not only ugly but also fraught with failure of the lesson. Due to being late, you will not be able to prepare notes and learn as needed for the assignment. An English teacher should always be organized, ready for the lesson, be in place at the appointed time, and preferably earlier! You can easily learn English with these guidelines.  

10. Interpersonal communication skills

In other words, the teacher needs to be able to communicate with students effectively – this is a modern skill that is necessary for any person working with people and a must for an English teacher. It is important to be able to communicate not only with students but also with colleagues, parents, employers, methodologists, etc. 


The above qualities are derived from some personal experiences, as well as overheard from students. However, I am sure that everyone who wants to become successful in learning English should consider these above qualities in a teacher.