When you would like to strengthen a struggling relationship, you can use all 11 of these tips to make sure that the two of you can come to an agreement on how to fix things.

1. Get Spontaneous

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2. Talk

Talking will make it so much easier for you to change your relationship because there might be some things that did not get addressed before.

3. Apologize

You should apologize if there is anything that you have done in the past that is worth an apology. Do not be afraid to admit you are wrong.

4. Travel

When you are traveling, this is a good time to be spontaneous and talk.

5. Get Out Of Debt

A lot of problems are caused by money, and you will be much happier if you can deal with basic money issues that have caused you issues for years.

6. Move

You may need to move because your home or the place where you live is not helping you keep your relationship together.

7. Change Jobs

You might need to change jobs because there is no way that you can keep doing that stressful job and have a nice relationship. 

8. Go To Counseling

Do not be afraid to go to counseling because that might be the best way for you to ensure that you can get all your problems on the table and change the way that you approach each other. You might learn things you never knew. 

9. Try A Trial Separation

You can get a lot of things on this list done if you have a rial separation. You can do this easily, and you can spend some time working on how you will take care of yourself and solve some of the problems that you have had in the past.

10. Go To The Doctor

You might find out that you have medical issues that are playing into your depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.

11. Talk About What It Is Like If You Break Up

When you do this, you can learn that you would much rather work it out and stay together.

Using these tips will ensure that you can have a much better relationship going forward, and you should ensure that you have tried all 11 at some point because you want to try to save your relationship today.