Are you considering starting a poultry farm? 

If so, you should plan appropriately before beginning your farm. You need to consider the various elements vital to your farms’ success, such as equipment, location, and selling of your produce (chicken and eggs).

Taking all these into consideration during the planning phase is crucial because there are tons of poultry businesses you’ll be competing against for consumers’ attention. 

However, with careful planning and a measured approach to the business, the chances are that your farm will flourish and multiply your initial investment multifold. 

Consumers are increasingly demanding poultry products daily. So, you have a lot of room to grow despite the competition. The only caveat here is – you have to follow the basics of starting a poultry farm the right way. 

Here are three guidelines you must take into consideration when looking to run a successful poultry farm: 

#1. Pick the Right Sector

When people hear ‘poultry farming,’ they often think it’s only one sector — raising chickens. 

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

The poultry industry is broken into multiple sectors. And you need to pick an area where you have the required expertise to thrive and be successful. 

If you are considering raising chickens, you can either set up a broiler business or a layer business. Broilers are birds that are raised for their meat, while layers are grown for their eggs. 

Then you have the sector that focuses on incubating the eggs and rearing chicks. You can also go into the business of processing chicken meat and eggs. Or you can explore poultry feed production and distribution. 

If you have the funds and expertise, you can start a business that’s a combination of the various sectors. However, it’s wise to begin by focusing on one or two sectors before gradually expanding into other sectors.

#2. Raise Funds

Once you have decided on the sector you’ll start with; the next step is to find the startup investment. It’s okay if you don’t have enough cash, to begin with, all your grand plans. 

But you need to raise enough money to get the basics. Unless you already have land, you need to buy or lease a location. You need to invest in tons of equipment such as heaters, incubators, a bell drinker, a lighting system, perches, and more. These facilities improve the likelihood of success for your business

Aside from that, you need funds to pay salaries. You might likely need to apply for a bank loan or look for an investor from your family and friends. Spend time to analyze your financial needs properly, write out a solid business plan and start pitching to investors and the bank.

#3. Pick the Right Location

Once you can sort out your financial needs, start looking for an appropriate location. The best sites are often away from the noise and bustle of the city. Land and labor are often more affordable in these areas. 

Two things to have in mind when considering the right location. It must have all the necessary facilities you need to start, such as access to water. It must also be close to a viable market for your produce – this could either be consumers or meat and eggs. Or if you are producing poultry feed, a cluster, or poultry farmers. 

If you are too far from your target market, you might spend more on logistics. This increases the overall cost of your product and makes you less competitive. 

Final Thoughts 

Starting a poultry business can be lucrative. You only have to ensure you get the basics right. Doing that drastically boosts your chances of succeeding in the industry.