Can you get a lucrative job if you only have a bachelor’s degree? Yes. The list of jobs you can secure with the degree is almost endless. According to statistics, over 70% of bachelor’s degree graduates in 2017 got a job during the same year. This is an indication that having a bachelor’s degree can pave the way for success in finding the right career.

For years, any people believed that bachelor’s degrees were not exactly up to the mark, and some of them strived to have as many degrees as possible. More degrees mean higher chances of finding a well-paying job. There are dozens of jobs you can get with only a bachelor’s degree and still enjoy hefty packages. Here is a list of 5 options for you:


Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are experts who help individuals and different organizations to plan and achieve their financial goals. As a CPA, you will receive better remuneration than regular accountants in an organization. Large firms usually offer bonuses for employees who pass the exams, meaning you will have more money in your pocket.

If you work as an independent CPA, you can ask for more money due to the additional services you may offer. The financial experts can also work in various fields, including government agencies, private firms, and charitable organizations. If you have plans to become a CPA, you need to know that the CPA exam requirements vary from state to state.

Purchasing Manager

A purchasing manager plays a vital role in running an organization. One of their primary duties is developing strategies and overseeing purchasing teams in their routine work, including finding suppliers, buying products, and equipment. To succeed as a purchasing manager, you must be able to manage and optimize purchasing activities and processes.

You’re also expected to possess exemplary leadership skills and negotiate with suppliers to get the best deals on products and services. Other than higher wages, purchasing managers also get an opportunity to travel around the country and other parts of the world.

Sales Manager

The primary duty of a sales manager is to meet an organization’s revenue targets by coordinating the sales teams. One is also required to offer the support each employee needs for the best performance.

Other responsibilities include setting sales goals, analyzing past data, and making projections for future performance. There are numerous benefits to working as a sales manager. The career will enable you to learn essential skills for handling different challenges, and you will also enjoy flexible working schedules.

Hardware Engineers

A hardware engineer’s wok includes designing, building, and manufacturing hardware components of technology. Their training enables them to understand software and hardware interact and follow market trends to develop innovative technology.

As a hardware engineer, you can secure jobs in many fields, including government departments, computer manufacturing firms, and research organizations. With time, the number of job opportunities for hardware engineers has increased. You will also get decent wages.

Petroleum Engineers

The responsibilities of the specialists include designing and developing the best techniques for the extraction of oil and gas. Petroleum engineers will always be in demand, as the world will always require energy. If you need a career that allows you to have a direct impact on the global economy, you can study petroleum engineering.