The first stage of planning a wedding is usually the budget. The typical costs include the reception, ceremony, attire, flowers, entertainment, rings and photographer. Unfortunately, Wedding Videography specialists are often overlooked. When preparing your budget for the photography, incorporate the cost of a wedding videographer so that you get a complete 360° of your special day.

Here are 5 wedding moments that you will not want to miss on film.

  • Walking Down The Aisle

The first moment the couple see each other as she walks down the aisle has emotions welling up for everyone, but especially for the bride and groom. A wedding videographer captures the raw emotion happening at that very moment, the joyful gasps, the happy tears rolling down cheeks, the grin turning into a wide smile. The significant advantage of hiring a wedding videography specialist is having people’s reactions are captured from start to finish.

  • Your Vows and the First Kiss

Will you remember the way your voices broke from holding back the tears as you recited the vows to love and honor each other for the rest of your lives? Will you remember the ebullience of the crowd as you both leaned in for that special first kiss as a married couple? By hiring a wedding videography specialist, you will have your matrimonial vows captured in a way you can revisit for years to come. You’ll be able to witness again and again how happy your family and friends were for you in that special moment.

  • Location Shoot

The majority of your wedding portraits will be taken on the idyllic grounds of the reception or service. This is one of the rare moments on your big day that it will be just the two of you, reveling in happiness together in the commitment you’ve just made. While the photographer captures these moments posing for the camera, wedding videography will capture the affection behind the scenes from these moments of just the two of you.

  • Speeches

Wedding speeches bring laughter and tears and are made by the nearest and dearest to the bride and groom. For the fathers that don’t have a lot to say, the wedding speech to their child on their big day can often be the most precious and heartfelt message you’ll hear from a usually quiet individual. Friends and family don’t live forever and to capture a special moment like a speech to a loved one can be the most treasured piece once they have passed.

  • First Dance

The first dance is a special moment in the wedding reception that usually kicks off the most jovial part of the celebrations. The advantage of having a wedding videographer capture the first dance alongside a photographer means you also capture the music you chose and the emotions that accompanied it from yourselves and the crowd.

Your big day can fly by so fast that it can become a bit of a blur. By hiring a wedding videographer specialist, you are capturing the happiest day of your life and every last detail involved. From the moment you first laid eyes on each other at the ceremony, to the first dance as a married couple; you will get to revisit your special day whenever you want and witness it the way that your family a friends did. It will be a priceless memento that you will be able to share with generations to come.

Video Supplied by Directors Edge of Jo & Chayne