Cloud computing is one of the hottest topics that is trending around the world in the field of Information Technology. It is in such high demand that not only enterprises but also the common man is interested to invest in cloud-based services because of the flexibility it offers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon, which offers over 100 cloud services for companies to launch and computer database storage as well as security. The cloud service offers a complete application environment for businesses to run applications smoothly. They also store all the files and important data securely in the cloud so you can access them anytime from anywhere. Further, they offer data backup as well as recovery options for secure storage of your data. 

There are different cloud computing platforms, but Amazon has clearly been the industry leader with its Amazon Web Services platform-AWS. With so many high-paying job opportunities popping up in the market for AWS, here are a few reasons why we feel you should be AWS certified.

1. Offers Career Flexibility:

An Amazon Web Services certification offers you flexible career options as you get to select and secure credible roles in an organization such as a developer, cloud administrator, AI engineer, security engineer, and IT solution architect. As most businesses are shifting to cloud-based storage solutions, it is beneficial to make a career in this field, as it is a global role that will need experts to fill in positions all over the world.

2. AWS is in High Demand:

Cloud computing offers different platforms such as Amazon Web Services-AWS, Google Cloud Platform-GCP, and Microsoft Azure. Out of all these, the most in-demand cloud platform is AWS. This means as a professional, if you gain an AWS certification you will have better chances of securing a high-paying job.

3. Distinguishes your Resume from Others:

You may be well aware of the AWS technology, but without getting a valid certification, your knowledge is not credible. When you appear for a job interview, with a valid certification, you will be considered as the top priority for the job.

4. Gets You Into a High-Paying Job:

AWS certification ranks as one of the highest-paying certifications, which automatically means you get to apply to a high-paying job or demand more salary in your current job.

5. Increases your Client Credibility:

When you work with a client, a valid certification ensures that the client understands your expertise in the field. The AWS certification is valid for three years, which also indicates your knowledge of the field is not outdated. Your decisions will be more valued by the customer, as you will be considered as an expert in this field. 

The Bottom Line- The Cloud is the Future:

Statistics have revealed that in the future, almost all enterprises will shift to the cloud, which means the demand is going to go up and it is not going to be obsolete anytime soon. Hence, it makes absolute sense to get an AWS certification in order to exponentially shoot up your career, just like the cloud computing industry itself.