In 2021, there are many reasons why people may be hesitant to head abroad on their holidays, from lack of budget to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst many are opting for a staycation, lockdown orders and travel restrictions may force you to have your staycation much closer to home – in your hometown.

However, exploring your hometown doesn’t have to be boring – just because you can’t go far doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Therefore, here are 5 simple ways you could help yourself to become a tourist in your hometown. 

1. Go to a hotel or welcome centre

Hotel reception areas tend to have an area where they keep free brochures which detail local attractions and activities you may not have known about. The people at the front desks are also very well-versed in giving recommendations. 

In fact, why not treat yourself to a room at one of the City of London hotels, and take advantage of their numerous facilities. After all, just because you are staying in your hometown doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pamper yourself!

2. Use a different mode of transport 

Instead of using the same old public transport or car that you use to get to work in and around your hometown, why not try exploring using a different mode of transport? 

In London, you have the Santander Cycles, more commonly known as “Boris bikes”; Newcastle upon Tyne is part of the Neuron e-scooter scheme; and York even has self-drive boats for hire.

3. Visit some museums 

Immerse yourself in the history of your hometown by visiting your local museums and sights which are rich in local history. Even the smallest and seemingly ordinary of towns can have some secrets from over the years. 

Maybe you will end up digging deeper into your town’s history, focusing in on the borough or village where you live. For more specific historical information, many libraries carry localised documents, books and historical artifacts about the surrounding area. 

If museums aren’t your style, that’s okay – you can keep on the ‘factual’ route by vising an aquarium or a zoo instead and learning all about different marine and land animals. 

4. Try out a popular tourist hotspot 

Many locals will routinely avoid the popular tourist spots, as they can be extremely busy, and maybe feel a little less special when you see them every day. 

However, when you visit somewhere that already generates excitement in other tourists, their enthusiasm could inspire you – and lead you to enjoy those touristy things through a new lens. 

5. Go to a sports game 

Every town, city and village has its own sports team – be it football, rugby, cricket, basketball or even ice hockey. Why not support the teams of your hometown by joining other locals and tourists alike, and heading to a sports game of your choice, cheering on the local team?

With these simple tips on how you can live like a tourist in your hometown, you will be guaranteed to have a good time on your staycation, even when you can’t stray too far from home.