Custom Home

If you are looking to purchase a home, your first thoughts might not go to having your home built for you because of the potential costs and headaches that can come along with new construction. Yes, if you look to build the home yourself or hire a company that is not experienced at building new homes on time and for your pre-determined budget, it can turn into a nightmare.  But if you hire a company whose expertise is in delivering an exceptional custom built home time and again, it will be the best decision you can make. Here are some of the benefits you gain when building a home with a proven builder.

The best new home builders do all of the work for you

The top home builders cater to your every need, from finding a block, designing a home to suit, and offering finance options. For example, if you are looking for a custom home builder Perth based Redink Homes has packages that are all-inclusive, providing a step-by-step approach to your getting the home you want built to suit and at attractive pricing and financing.

You can design your home to fit your needs

The top building companies work around a large set of proven pre-determined designs that were selected because they come with 90% of what people want, and their designs when constructed deliver what homeowners need. With this as a foundation for the home, the remaining 10% is customizable options that homeowners can choose to make their home their own. So important options like: position of the home in the lot, room size, lighting, exterior and interior materials, and color choices are completely open to the choosing of the new homeowner. This strategy allows for a quick and precise build and a unique feel for each home.

You can have the home you want where you want it

Homeowners will often find a home they love in a neighborhood that don’t want to live, or the opposite. When you construct your own home, you can find a lot in the neighborhood you want to live and build your perfect home there.

No worries about unsafe building materials or hidden problems

When you purchase an existing home, you cannot be sure of the type or quality of the building materials that went into the home. There could be sub-standard materials that cause problems down the road after you purchase. Additionally, problems like mold, or wood rot may exist in areas where you cannot see with an inspection. Finally, the home may contain dangerous chemicals or even asbestos that were used in construction and can cause health issues for you and your family. New builds will not have any of these issues and will also include things like fire-retardant carpeting and insulation and hard-wired smoke detectors that do not depend on changing batteries for them to work. When you build new, you will not have any of these worries at any time over the life of your home.

Save money on the ongoing costs

New homes are built with modern materials and techniques that are designed to be energy efficient. These include higher efficiency windows and doors. This means that your monthly operating costs will be much lower than an older home. Further new appliances including HVACs and built in kitchen appliances that consume the largest amounts of electricity are more energy efficient consuming less electricity and saving you money every month.

A new home is a sound investment

New homes appreciate faster than existing homes during the first five years of ownership and because you are able to decide where and what to build, you can literally decide to build a home that will have a high probability of appreciation.

When you add all of these great reasons together, having your home built to suit becomes an undeniably good option.