If you have ever flown on a private jet, you know the difference. There are many benefits that corporate jets can offer to passengers. It is impossible to include all the benefits into one article, so here are the seven main reasons why private charter flights are better than commercial flights.

Time savings

Time savings is the primary benefit. This is the main reason why most people, especially business people, choose to fly privately. Depending on the program you opt for, you can book a flight in as little as four hours before the required departure. You’ll spend less time waiting before your flight, and you wouldn’t have to line up for security checks. As a result, you’ll save at least 2 hours on the ground, compared to commercial flights. Upon landing, you’ll also experience expedited customs procedures. You’ll be on your way to work in around 15 minutes after arrival.


Private jet flights tend to be on smaller aircraft that can operate through a lot more airports. For example, in the US, private jets can use over 5,000 airports, while commercial aviation can only serve around 500 airports. This means that you can land much closer to your destination using private aircraft. Furthermore, all your baggage goes with you on board including regular liquids that you usually have to place in check-in baggage when flying commercial.


Depending on availability, you can book your jet only a couple of hours before the flight, which offers you unparalleled convenience. At short notice, a private charter aircraft can be ready to transport you to wherever you need to go.

Quality of service

Without a doubt, the service on a private jet is superior to that on a commercial plane. With custom in-flight catering, your choice of magazines and newspapers, as well as custom entertainment options, you can order the services that ensure your flight is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You can even have a limousine waiting for you to take you to your meeting or office as soon as you land.  

Free time

Less time spent on your flight means that you have more time to spend on business or with friends and family. You become the master of your time and not necessarily the airline. However, please note that private jets are still under operational control of the aircraft operator and bad weather or other safety requirements may cause unforeseen delays.


Private flyers typically charter the entire jet and fly with their colleagues, friends, or family. This results in complete privacy, and you no longer have to deal with unknown people around you.

Fewer Delays

As a final point, it is worth noting that when you fly private, you reduce the risk of delays. Delays to your flight can be frustrating. Although private jets do get delayed due to either mechanical reasons or other unforeseen circumstances such as airport congestion or weather-related delays, there are typically fewer delays with private jets.