We spend our lives chasing after everything we desire. For some, their chosen pursuit is wealth, stability, power, popularity, and success. Many others, disillusioned by prospects of wealth and popularity, seek experiences, adventures, and unforgettable memories. Interestingly, one doesn’t have to give up one’s goals to embark on life-changing adventures and make rewarding memories. 

Our friends are precious beacons of light, hope, and love in our lives. The experiences we share with them help us grow and evolve, contributing to our character and personality development. And when we grow old, our treasure chest of photographs reminds us of our incredible journey with excellent companions. 

Are you adding fond memories and photographs dripping with the sweetness of nostalgia to your life’s treasure chest? It’s not too late to get started. Just round up your friends, and start making plans to have some good, old-fashioned fun.

Here, take a look at some fabulous events to enjoy with your pals:

1. Attend Music Festivals & Tours

There’s nothing more exciting than attending a music festival with your friends. Do you and your friends share a love for a musical genre or a musician, perhaps? Here’s an excellent idea to indulge in something everyone will cherish and enjoy: attend a musical event. 

You can explore a wealth of musical events happening in your city or town. For instance, you can hit the local jazz club and transport yourselves to the glorious ’20s. Or perhaps, you’d like to plan a road trip to attend a Coachella-like festival in the desert or mountains. 

Music tours are excellent opportunities to experience the fierce energy of your favorite singers, such as the Florida Georgia Line. Just be sure to double-check the tour dates and make advance bookings to avoid last-minute disappointments. You can attend a musical tour passing by your town, giving young singers and bands an audience. Or you can check the event schedule at famous music halls and venues to get tickets to a spectacular show.  

2. Attend a Yoga Retreat

Do you and your friends constantly complain of perpetual exhaustion, aching muscles, and debilitating backaches? Are you anxious to find a new subject other than backaches and muscle sprains to discuss at your weekly lunches and brunches? Here’s a perfect idea: attend a yoga retreat with your friends. 

You and your best buddies need to carve out time for relaxation and rejuvenation. And a yoga retreat is the ultimate healing practice to go to a faraway destination and indulge your body in luxuriating stretches. Amazingly, a yoga retreat is also an opportunity to travel to the wilderness of Bali. Or perhaps, you’d prefer a beach in Spain. 

3. Host a Potluck Dinner 

Have you never planned a potluck dinner with your friends? If yes, you’re missing out on an exciting culinary experience that encourages everyone to get creative. More importantly, hosting this event will brim up your fridge with delicious treats you can enjoy for days. 

So, the idea is to host a one-dish dinner party, where every guest has to bring a home-cooked meal. If you’re binge-watching Cooking with Paris on Netflix, perhaps you’d like to invite your guests to cook with you. You can create an elaborate theme, wear cute outfits and channel your inner culinary goddesses. 

4. Transform your Backyard into an Open-Air Cinema 

If you enjoy entertaining your friends for fun and inventive surprises, you’re going to love this one. The idea is to transform your backyard into an open-air cinema by setting up a projector and creating an elaborate setting. You need a comfortable and relaxing ambiance, with fairy lights, sparkly lamps, comfy mattresses, ottomans, soft bedding, and pillows. 

You can plan a fun movie marathon, creating a theme, such as classics from the 90s or a recent Netflix release. Halloween is an excellent time to binge-watch horror movies. At the same time, the winter holidays are perfect timing for romantic Christmas-themed flicks. Be sure to turn on the BBQ grill or load up on junk food and salty snacks.

5. Run a Marathon to Support a Cause 

Is your community planning a run to support a local charity? Or perhaps, your employers are organizing a marathon to donate money to a non-profit? Here’s an excellent opportunity to rope your friends into doing some constructively positive work and giving back to your community. 

Running a marathon for a good cause will boost your self-esteem and give you a proud memory to share with your friends. Additionally, it will allow you to test your physical energies and engage in healthy competition with your pals. Later, you guys can poke fun at each other’s gait and stamina issues while feasting on cheeseburgers. 

6. Plan a Themed Party 

If you never got a chance to throw a party in High School, adulthood allows you to reclaim that honor. Set up the beer keg, fix some Jell-O shots, and call up all your school friends for an exciting reunion. But if you were the reigning party-planner in your High School, you could explore far better ideas. 

It’s time to put all those incredible party-planning tricks you’ve saved on Pinterest to good use. How about throwing a wild Oscar-themed party with champagne and elegant hors d’oeuvres? Or perhaps, you’d like to channel your love for Comicon, encouraging everyone to dress up as their favorite characters?

There’s a wealth of ideas to explore. And like we mentioned, your Pinterest board will inspire your inner hostess with the best of plans. 

7. Picnic in the Countryside 

Here’s a fabulous idea that combines eating your favorite foods and enjoying an idyllic landscape: a picnic in the countryside. You and your friends can explore national parks, lakes, parks, and nearby attractions in your hometown. There’s no need to travel too far; use this opportunity to explore your local landscape. 

You and your friends can prepare homemade treats or load up on snacks and baked goodies from your favorite bakery. Be sure to pack up the wine to enjoy a high-spirited mood while marveling at the colors of nature. 


Laughing, dancing, feasting, and enjoying with your friends is the best way to bust off stress and depression. Fill up your weekends with crazy nights of club-hopping and rewarding retail therapies. Go on adventurous road trips, and attend local festivals, farmer’s markets, and fairs. 

So, don’t miss out on opportunities to make memories and indulge in some free-spirited fun. After all, our memories ground us with positive energy, nurturing our minds in times of despair.