Cloud-based HR and payroll solutions have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their flexibility, scalability, and potential cost savings. If you’re currently running a paper-based HR and payroll process or you’re considering switching from your existing HR system, it’s important to determine if a cloud-based solution would be the right choice for your business moving forward. Here are 8 reasons why switching to a modern cloud-based HR and payroll platform could benefit your business in the long run!


When your back-office operations are running smoothly, you can focus on what’s important – growing your business. A new HR & Payroll system can help you run an efficient operation by integrating effortlessly with other applications, providing instant access to payroll data, automating many time-consuming tasks, and ensuring you stay compliant with government regulations. Cloud-based systems even allow you to conduct internal employee surveys so that every member of staff feels their voice is heard. And don’t forget that these systems are constantly being updated.

Workplace Flexibility

According to research, employee morale goes up when workplaces are flexible. Flexible work schedules have been shown to lead to better communication among co-workers and also increase engagement in company activities. In addition, some businesses have even seen an increase in productivity from employees who have flexible schedules. A new level of control: Cloud solutions give you a level of control over your HR, payroll, and compliance that wouldn’t be possible with traditional software applications. In addition, they offer 24/7 accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Most importantly though, is that you get instant updates every time there’s a change in legislation or regulation affecting workplace requirements or tax issues.

Global Reach

Cloud-based payroll software can be accessed from anywhere at any time, which allows workers to get paid no matter where they are in the world. This is especially important in industries with employees who travel frequently, such as logistics or consulting firms. But you’ll also find great value here if you have people working remotely, such as sales reps who don’t report into an office. At scale, it could lead to significant cost savings when compared to onsite employees; imagine what it could do for freelancers or independent contractors who need regular access to paychecks.

Employee Engagement

The key to employee satisfaction is clear communication. Making employees feel like they’re in control of their work will increase productivity, retention rates, loyalty, and morale. These are all things that lead to improved performance in every aspect of your company. Providing an online platform (like Workplace by Facebook) not only helps keep everyone on one page but also helps foster collaboration between employees both inside and outside your organization.

Maximize Outcomes from Your Data

Older, on-premise software is clunky, expensive, difficult to maintain, insecure, and may not provide you with access to all of your data. Newer solutions are easier to use, intuitively display your information in an easy-to-read format, secure all of your information with encryption protocols that comply with industry standards. Older systems are more expensive over time than newer platforms—you have to upgrade them regularly just so they can continue functioning properly.

Better Communication With Employees

One of the biggest advantages of using an online, cloud-based software platform is that you can get performance planning done faster. Since it’s all available on one screen, you can easily get employee data into your employee development planning session. That means more time spent discussing progress, strengths, development needs, and next steps.

Greater Mobility

A good team is well-prepared, which means every member of your staff needs to be able to keep up with each other. A lot of businesses choose an annual review process – but it’s not always ideal. For example, why would you wait until year’s end before scheduling performance reviews? It doesn’t make sense – and neither does sticking with old methods if there are better alternatives. If you want to accelerate performance planning & development within your organization, consider moving toward an on-demand Human Resources solution that streamlines employee performance reviews on any day of the year. What could you accomplish with such freedom? Give it some thought – then explore how new technologies can open up such possibilities for you.

Accelerate Performance Planning & Development

Make performance management easier by putting all of your data into one central location. Having access to more than 200,000 employees means you’ll save hours building employee profiles, researching peer groups, running A/B tests with multiple designs…the list goes on. Plus, you can automate time-off tracking with integrated calendar support so everyone knows when they’re not working. It’s easy to build an automatic system that will work across all departments that gives managers visibility into their team’s capacity for hard work. The result is better performance reviews—and happier employees!

As you can see, there are many benefits of using a cloud-based HR and payroll solution. Not only does it enable you to get rid of any hardware investments but it is also much more secure, flexible, scalable, and affordable. Try out some new solutions today! They might be just what you need!