In the US, homes are currently selling like hot cakes and we have data to back it up. According to the US Census Bureau, 2019, around 673,000 houses were sold in the US as of April 2019, which is 12.4 percent more than last year. In such a scenario, you may feel that selling your house quickly is a cinch, but it is easier said than done.

Here are some tips to help you sell your house faster:

#1 Know if you are ready to sell your house

At times, people start the process of selling without knowing for sure if they are ready for it. Some are too emotionally attached to part with it; some cannot bear the cost of getting their house sale ready; and others fail to build up enough equity in their house to sell. If you tick any of these, you are not ready to sell your house. But if this is not your case and you have private lending for real estate, you’re ready!

#2 Take the services of a real estate agent

A real estate agent is a must if you want to sell your house fast. You can find a realtor online by visiting real estate websites, such as UpNest and others. The agent you choose should have an impeccable record of sales; should be familiar with your area; should be well versed with all the documentation required for selling; should have a photographer to click your home and put it up on listings; and should be able to promote it online on the social media. Interview several agents to arrive at the most suitable one.

#3 Choose the right time for selling

Families usually decide to move before the school year starts, so spring and summer months are ideal to put up your house for sale. However, this is true only for families with school going children; for others it may be as soon as possible. Your real estate agent will be the best person to guide your regarding the right time for selling.

#4 Price your home right

If you price your home right, you will be able to sell it faster. Although you may desire the best price for your home, the price will be basically dictated by its market worth. This depends upon the location, neighborhood and other criteria. To find the price trends, have a look at listing for homes in your area.

#5 Give a facelift to your home

The first thing prospective buyers see is the façade of your house. If this fails to impress them, they are most likely to move on to the next listing. So, give a facelift to your house by trimming hedges, edging the lawn, refreshing mulch, planting flowering plants, etc. Also, pressure-wash the walls and roof of the house, clean the walkways and driveway, etc. Remove any cobwebs and bird droppings, and retouch faded paints on the doors, window frames, etc.

#6 Minimize stuff in your home

Once you list your house for sale, people will start pouring in to inspect it. So, minimize the stuff in your house to make it look bigger and to highlight its best features. Since people inspect the storage spaces, keep minimum items in closets and other spaces. Also, don’t display your personal photographs or memorabilia in your home. This may prevent prospective buyers from imagining themselves living in your house.

#7 Do minor home improvement

Small upgrades to your home are bound to impress prospective buyers. So, improve your bathrooms and kitchen by hanging new shower curtains, fixing new faucets, and the like. However, don’t go in for any major upgrades, since it will be an unjustifiable drain on your finances and will not serve any purpose. Go in for only those home improvements that will see a return on investment.

#8 Make your home attractive by staging

Staging your home means making it look like a showroom. This may be achieved by rearranging furniture, picking neutral colors for walls and decor, letting natural light in, minimizing furniture to make it look roomy, yet functional, and the like. For this, a professional home stager is the answer, since they have the wherewithal to highlight the strengths and soften the flaws in photographs. If a professional photographer is not within your budget, do the photography yourself by taking high resolution pictures.

#9 Promote your house

Don’t completely rely on your real estate agent to do all the marketing for your home. On your part, you can put up your home on your social media accounts and send the listing page to family and friends. You can also promote your house by word of mouth in your neighborhood, etc.


If you pay attention to the above points and make changes accordingly, you cannot go wrong. However, contacting residential bridge loan lenders, hiring a competent real estate agent and promoting your house will certainly help you in selling it faster.