You’ve probably been there before, sat on the bus, walking down the street or even sat on the toilet when bang! An idea pops into your head that you are sure that you can turn into a money spinner, the large amount of us however never act upon our idea and your great business plan heads to the graveyard of great ideas with the rest of them.


Sometime we fail to act on our idea as a result of fear of failure, sometimes we lack confidence or we think that we lack knowledge. The key to turning your great idea into a business is actually very simple, just doing it, to help you out on your road to success, here is how to get started.

Take Risks

I was reading a story about automative CEO Robert Bassam recently and his story perfectly displays the importance of taking risks early on in business. The smart Bassam bought 2 cars early on for $50 and after selling them to his co-workers for a strong profit, he risked his profit and bought 20 more cars. Currently his company sells thousands of cars across state lines and his risk paid off. The morale of the story here is that without taking a calculated risk, you are unlikely to ever achieve great success.

Do Your Research

When you are entering into the field of business it is vital that you do plenty of research about the industry which you are moving into, customer trends, competition and how much value there is in the industry. Before you actually start your business you have the gift of time to asses things that you will not have once you have started your business, make the most of this time and arm yourself to the teeth with information.

Make Contacts

As early as you can you will need to begin to build relationships in order to create a network of contacts who can help you and your business to succeed. Seeking advice from experienced people, striking up relationships with distributors and suppliers and even seeking to find friends within your industry can really help to improve your chances of success and future growth.

Test and Test

Whether you are taking product or a service to market, it is vital that you test it as much as humanly possible before its release. If this will be your first venture then you will need to be 100% sure that it functions to the best of its ability and that it is free from errors. Remember that you only get one chance at a good first impression and having an excellent product will be how to do exactly that.

As we mentioned before, when it comes to converting your bright idea into a business, the best advice on offer is to just go ahead and do it. Waiting around for too long or not doing it at all will simply result in someone else making a success of your idea and leaving you kicking yourself for not trying.