Why Aerial Photography?

Aside from the fact it looks super cool, using aerial photography can benefit your real estate listings by separating them from the crowd, making them stand out and increasing your brands reputation and chances of selling. Too often we see mind numbing photos of property listings, however; as technology evolves, so too does the way people engage with content online. This means that in a few years, boring may not cut it anymore when it comes to selling real estate over the web. People expect different, and if you aren’t providing, then they will look to someone who is ahead of the curve. So, why use aerial photography or drone videography to market your real estate listings? Let’s discuss in more detail.


For obvious reasons, location is key when selling real estate. We are seeing an emerging trend now in bird’s eye view locality shots as it provides potential buyers with more location based information, which they can then compare by scaling. This includes highlighting nearby parks, train stations, cafes and walking tracks.


An aerial photo provides prospects with more perspective. This means you can provide better information and insights with regards to the size and situation of the property, instead of making them work everything out based off numbers.

Off the Plan Predictions

Property developments are attractive to many home buyers for a number of reasons. However, buyers usually need more convincing when it comes to committing to an off the plan property. Aerial photography allows you to market the overall ‘feel’ of the development by showcasing what the views will look like when the buyer moves in. This has major appeal and creates excitement around buying an off the plan property.

Standing Out from Crowd

As mentioned previously, aerial photography and videography is a great way to make your property listings stand out from the rest. It’s also a good way to start establishing brand reputation and securing your spot as one of the ‘forward thinking’ real estate agencies out there.