Liverpool is one city that accommodates more than 50,000 students in the city. Liverpool is also an excellent city to study and it features some of the best universities in the world. The city is indeed pretty vibrant with an excellent town center, shops, restaurants, and night-time economy, offering the best of work paly and rest for the students. There is also the best student accommodation Liverpool so that people feel at home, even if they are from a different country.  

Studying abroad widens the intellectual abilities of the student. The students complement and expedite the foreign language become fluent in speaking, writing, reading, and understanding as well. The students tend to achieve more live experience that aids in their research work too. The level of the standard is so high and interesting that it makes the student acquire more knowledge and work hard for it. Another aspect is, the individual gets accommodation easily too. Amber student is a dedicated online portal that helps international students find their favorite accommodation in a foreign destination.

Type of rented and paid accommodations that students can look for:

There are many types of accommodation that students can look for while studying in a foreign nation and these types of student accommodation are as follows.

Rented homes: Students prefer to stay in this apartment mostly with friends or known people and share the rent among themselves. It is the best time for them to spend their time with friends and can have their privacy too. The individuals staying in a rented house is not entitled to pay any tax until the individual is a full-time student. The individual can keep a cook or can cook by themselves. The rent may be lesser compare to other options but the tenants require to pay the rent at a definite period. It is mandatory to read carefully the contract documents and sign after the appropriate survey only. 

Apartments: Apartments offer them the best and the most luxurious type of accommodations that they can’t experience in their college hostel. The students can choose from various possibilities and select according to the convenience.  The student enjoys ease of transport that links with the university route. The student can inquiry about private houses through university staff and obtain information through some online research too.  

Dormitories: Also known as the hall of residence, these are considered the most preferred accommodation options for students moving to Birmingham for higher education. They consist of Furniture with individual bedrooms with corridors and usually consist of a common kitchen. Most of the bedroom includes a common bathroom and in some places, students enjoy personal bathrooms too.

Independent homes: Home accommodation considers cost-efficient as the student need not pay any rent or extra charges. This type of accommodation is stress-free and secure as the individual lives with the family. Therefore, the student staying is peaceful without any bother and no restriction on-time schedules. However, the individual lacks in maintaining the social relationship compare to the students living in the hall of residence and private apartments. 

How Amber student helps students in finding their accommodation:

Amber home is one of the best student-friendly online portals that help students to find their home away from home all over the globe.

  • They offer end to end support and will also handle the entire paperwork that would be required in the process.
  • For students looking to share their accommodation, the amber student will help to find the best room-mates through their extensive community network.
  • They help students in finding the exact location that fits their needs.
  • Students will be able to choose from a variety of quality accommodations.
  • The website helps students in sourcing and booking the apartment and other types of accommodation. 

The website helps students in finding the best housing for the best years of their life in the most comfortable, affordable, and hassle-free manner. Many students who have utilized the services of Amber students state that they received the best service at an international destination. Amber students render them the best follow-up services and help them from the start till the end with awesome facilities. Amber student not only helps students in finding their best fit accommodation but also helps landlords, agents, and property managers to post their listings and help thousands of students in finding their best fit accommodation in a far off destination. The portal is also very safe and secure for students. 

Booking accommodation through Amber student:

The following are the steps to be followed in booking accommodation through Amber Student:

1. Discover:

The students have to find the best apartments available for them through the website. They can choose their apartment according to their needs. If the students are not satisfied with the listings that are given on the websites, then Amber students will find them the best apartment according to their preferences. 

2. Finalizing the place: 

The expert property consultants available with the amber student will offer all additional details that the students would require regarding the property and the surrounding area. They will also offer information regarding the rest and the application fee that is required for the leasing process.

3. Getting the paperwork done:

After finalizing the apartment, they will then do the paperwork for the student. Paperwork involves things such as signing the lease agreement and paying the first-month rent along with other charges like a one-time application fee.

4. booking the apartment:

After all these processes, the apartment gets booked finally. Students can now sit back and prepare for their journey.

Final words:

Every year millions of students leave their home country and move to a foreign land for education and business. They also face a lot of challenges starting from cultural integration to logistics and accommodation issues. Amber student serves as a potential tool to solve the home hunting and booking problems for millions of students every year across geographic boundaries. It serves as a one-click platform for cross border students to book accommodation without any hassles of negotiation, paperwork, and crumbled payment process.