In recent years many of my friends have decided to immigrate to Australia, and it seems like none of them have any plans to return soon. Each and every time I Skype with them I am amazed by how happy they sound, how settled they are and how much they was lyrical about the standard of living there.

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I absolutely love Australia. Having been fortunate enough to travel the vast country on more than one occasion, I can understand why so many people are keen to make their homes there. After the latest of my friends decided to make the big move ‘down under’, I decided to do a little research to look in to why the country is such a great place to live. I was extremely surprised by what I found, so much so that I am now seriously considering living there for a while myself.

So why is Australia such a great place to live? Here are some of the best reasons that I could find after talking to friends and doing my own research.

Career opportunities

One of the first thing people consider when they are moving abroad is where they will get their income from, they need to make sure that there are suitable career opportunities that match their skill set. The good news for people looking to immigrate to Australia is that there are quite a few major industries lacking skilled workers. There are a plethora of career opportunities for highly experienced/skilled workers, within Australian companies, just waiting to be filled.

Quality of life

Why would we move home, and especially move to another country, if our standard of living isn’t going to improve? The vast majority of people living in Australia will tell you that they enjoy a very high standard of living. First of all housing is extremely affordable and of high quality if you compare it to other countries. More often than not you will be earning a very decent income so getting loans such as mortgages at NPBS is a straight forward process and allows you to live in better surroundings than back home.

Then of course there is the quality of the education system, health care and the public transport that all clearly reflect the amazing standard of living that Australians are enjoying at the moment. Personally I really admire the health care system because both private and the government funded systems work in tandem, this creates a health service that most other countries aspire to.

The climate

People that live in Europe are especially keen to relocate to Australia because they love the fact they can enjoy the hot weather in the summer followed by the mild winter months. It is truly amazing how much happier people are with their lives when they live in a warmer climate.

The language

English is the national language of Australia making it relatively straightforward for most people to move there. Being able to speak, read and write the language makes everything from work/studying to shopping much easier than living in a country where you can’t communicate fluently.

Have you emigrated to Australia or are you considering it? I would really love to hear your thoughts or experiences, most of all I would enjoy reading about how much happier people are now they live ‘Down Under!’