The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the USA
Photo by CC user AWWE83 on Wikimedia Commons.

Our national bird is the bald eagle. While there are many birds of Americas, this is the one that we know the most about. In fact, even children in primary schools are taught about this bird, and that they have to respect it. The eagle stands for everything that makes America great. It is a symbolic bird that brings together the people of America, both in terms of those who live there and those who are in other parts of the world. America likes to show itself as the land of the free, focusing on bravery, freedom, and independence. And those are the exact feelings that people get when they see the eagle, soaring high in the sky.

Unfortunately, the bald eagle is now an endangered species. This is due to the fact that so many people wanted to have an eagle stuffed on their mantelpiece, and they were shot down in their droves. Thankfully, volunteers and government agencies have started to work together in order to protect the bird, and this has had some very good results. Thanks to these different groups, laws have passed to protect the bald eagle. Additionally, they have worked to restore the bird’s natural habitat and have also started projects to rehabilitate birds that have been injured, releasing them back in the wild. Thanks to these organizations, there are once again eagles both in our country and in Canada.

How to Help the Eagle

There are a number of things that anybody can do if they want to help the eagle. Obviously, donating time or money to eagle groups, working as a volunteer, is always needed. Time and money are in short supply, despite so many people openly supporting the work of these groups. There are many eagle rehabilitation centers across the country, and most would be more than happy to accept the help of a volunteer.

Perhaps of the greatest importance, however, is that the natural habitat of the bird is restored. Much of it has been destroyed due to residential, industrial, and commercial developments. As a result, fewer nesting places are available, which makes it difficult for the eagle to reproduce. If you were to spot an eagle nest, you should immediately contact the Fish and Wildlife officials in your area. This will enable them to keep track of nesting areas, which in turn enables them to prevent those areas from being developed.

You could also take a look online for bird watching groups in your area. This is a great way to find out more about the eagle, whether it is found near you, and if there is anything that you can do. By increasing your knowledge about the majestic bird, you will also be able to help in preserving their life. The efforts that people just like you have made so far have really benefited the eagle, and this work must continue. The more people become involved, the more chance the eagle has of not just surviving, but thriving as well.