Are you into music? Do you love the melodies and notes hitting your ears? If you are a fan of music, it is possible for you to start a career in the industry. We know that every other individual might not be able to become a rock star performing at the Broadway theatre. However, it is possible for you to start a career as a teacher and pass on your knowledge of music to other enthusiasts.

Like the idea?

Well, if you are a music junkie, you might want to educate other people to develop a passion for music as well.

Even though music teachers are naturally skilled and have the ability to pass on their knowledge, there are a number of skills that can be developed with time. From offering private live online music lessons to taking on-school classes, there are a lot of ways you can gather students and teach them music.

In this article, we will discuss some major skills that an individual must sustain to become a successful music teacher.

Music Teachers and Their Settings

Music teachers are professional educators who teach different music sessions like choirs, bands, and individuals.

While many people associate themselves with an educational institution, plenty of people decide to become individuals who offer you private music lessons in your home.

Many music teachers offer their services in the following locations:

  • Schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Music Conservatory
  • Home-based/Virtual sessions
  • Community centers

Generally, music teachers are known to educate their students in the following way:

  • Teaching instruments
  • Educating them about musical scales
  • Evaluating student progress
  • Providing group sessions to bond and socialize
  • Introducing them to different music genres
  • Taking students on trips
  • Teaching basics like the tempo, rhythm, and the pitch

Skills Required To Become a Successful Music Teacher

By being extremely interested in music and learning new skills on the go, music teachers are known to learn and develop over time. The field is so vast that there is always a possibility to learn something new. The most important skills that every music teacher needs to have are:

Grasp Over Musical Knowledge

As a teacher, it’s your job to be extremely skilled as a musician to simply be able to teach other people. You must know at least 3 instruments to play and your skillset should comprise of the fact that you master everything from the instrument to your voice and rhythm of the music.

Innovation and Creativity

Being innovative as a music instructor frequently means composing music pieces or compositions, designing themed presentations, or finding new approaches to teach students complex concepts.

Leadership Skills

A teacher must never be weak. Of course, one should be nice but, it is also important to be a good leader. You will be teaching a group of people who will have different personalities. It is important for you to understand each and every one of them while maintaining your role as a teacher. Also, there will be students with various skills. You must be able to guide each and every one of them to success.

Be a Good Communicator

Music is the art of communication and a music teacher should be able to communicate without any difficulty. All it takes is to develop strong interpersonal communication skills, active listening skills, and the ability to be just the right amount of confidence in public. It is also important to maintain a sound relationship with the parents/guardians of the student especially if they are children.

Organizational Skills

Since you will be becoming a professional teacher, you must have the ability to devise lessons according to the capability of your students and also keep a track of their progress. For teachers offering private lessons, make sure to organize your invoices and keep a clear track record.

Good Decision Maker

Music teachers should realize that any decision they make for their pupils will somehow impact their personal and class life for this purpose, you must have the ability to make sound decisions for the benefit of the entire class.

Steps to Enter the World of Professional Music

Apart from experience and the ability to play different types of musical instruments, you must go through the following process to become a professional music teacher who is able to teach at a school or give private live online music lessons. 

Get a Degree in Music

You need to obtain a degree in music if you want to start off as a professional music educator. There are plenty of colleges in America that give advanced lessons and training in music. There are different topics that enable you to understand the music requirements of various age groups. These topics of study being:

  • General music education
  • History of music
  • Performing music
  • Ensemble
  • Conduction
  • Lesson planning
  • Instructing about an instrument
  • Classroom ethics and instruction
  • Music Appreciation

Most of the schools require their music teachers to have a two-year degree in music. Some of them may also require the SAT. As an entrepreneur and self-employed music instructor, you can add this degree to your portfolio to enhance your credibility.

Complete Classroom Training Sessions

As a music student on your way to become a professional teacher, you need to complete observation hours in a classroom. There will be professional teachers who you aspire to be like and you will get to observe them and their teaching skills.

Over time, your teachers will send you practical experience and you will be able to teach some classes. These classes are usually conducted under the presence of a teacher and are strongly evaluated. While you are teaching, you will develop the ability to help your students understand the basics of music, you will develop your own teaching style and methodology.

Gain Additional Skills

Apart from the assessment and teacher training hours that you have to perform, consider seeking other programs that will help you develop more skills and professionalism. There could also be chances to help the music events at a school or community center. This will enable you to create skilled networking links.

Get Certification

It is a legal obligation for a music teacher to obtain a license in teaching a particular subject. While obtaining a certification is a legal obligation by every state, there are some changes in the requirements set forth by each state. This may involve:

  • Passing different kinds of exams to test subject knowledge
  • Regular testing of skills or knowledge of a teacher

Go for Further Education

Once you are done with a bachelor’s program, you always have the opportunity to get a master’s degree in music. Master’s program can include the history and psychology of music. You will be able to write your own thesis and understand the depth of music in a much better way. Many masters programs also enable you to be a successful certified music teacher which will give you a great opportunity. So, next time if you want a high-end teacher to give you private music lessons in your home, just check their certifications and education.


Music is an art that many people fail to recognize. If you want to become a professional music teacher, you need to develop a special skill set and market yourself as a certified music teacher. You can either work with some educational institution or start your own thing if you find music to be your full-time career.