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Master’s degrees are a much needed continuation of higher education and an advancement of one’s profile within the society. After obtaining a degree, you have many opportunities of becoming an entrepreneur where you can decide which invoice template works best for your business and many other things.  If you’ve finished your bachelors and wondering if it’s worth going for masters in social work, we have some good news for you.

Significance of Master’s in Social Work (MSW)

A social work master’s degree takes the students to the next level in their career. Students explore various research methodologies. The master’s degree program in social work, features the projects requiring a mix of primary and secondary level of research, as well as extensive discussions, both verbal and written. Holding a master’s degree in social work also provides candidates with a higher level of initial personal credibility when it comes to job search.

Student loan for MSW degree program

Master’s degree is a worthy investment for philanthropic students who wish to give back to their society. The fees of master’s degree on average is around $20,335 per year. It sounds a bit harder for students to bear. Since you’re trying to do something for the well-being of people, there are people out there willing to help you with student loans. A student loan is a way to finance your master’s degree in social work.

Many students don’t know that they can refinance private student loans, but it’s certainly an interesting path to explore. You can get federal government assistance after filling up a FAFSA form. Student loans provide instant funding that covers tuition fees. These loans usually capped at $9500 to $12,500 annually. Be cautious while you borrow money, since you need to repay these loans with interest after completing the degree. Social workers with a master’s degree in social work have an option to repay a particular amount of loan while involved in the field of social work. A few government departments and volunteer programs repay a portion of student loans in exchange for services.

Why Pursue an MSW Degree?

There are a number of other reasons to consider going for a master’s in social work degree. For some it could be job security, public relations, and personal reasons; while for others it could be just a desire of doing something for people and the society.

Let’s move ahead and discuss the benefits of master’s degree in social work in detail, so you can make a decision yourself.

The Overwhelming Feeling of Serving Others

Many people involved in social work are passionate about social justice. In addition, they have a notable impact on their thoughts. They’re on the lookout for people, issues agendas and problems that require solutions.

Social workers are mostly generous, kind and compassionate. Above all, they are passionate about the nature of their work. Gradually, the attachment with the field of social work shift you from I-orientation to we-orientation. You begin to look at people and the environment with an eye that feels their pain. An ordinary person might think, “What do I have to do with that?” But the mindset of a social worker shifts from consumption to contribution. You don’t need to be rich to serve others; it blooms naturally inside of you when the desire and greed end within you.

You can start with Clinical Work

Perhaps you have dreamed of owning a social work clinic or want to practice independently somewhere. A master’s degree sets you on the right path that leads you to the destination you are striving to achieve. However, after the completion of a master’s degree in social work, you’ll be able to apply for a license and start your clinical practice. The exceptional benefits of clinical work include higher income, focus on the results of your efforts for others and offer a complete diagnosis to clients. Furthermore, you will be qualified enough to aid people and help them with the issues they face.

The Scope of Social work is Expanding

The field of social work is expanding every day. People are influenced enough to pursue this growing field, not only because they feel good about helping others, but also to earn more money. The growing industry of social work is creating more and more vacancies for individuals holding social work degree. For that reason, several universities and institutions have started online MSW program. The social work is also called the law degree of 21st-century by the field experts. They also claim that there would be no shortage of work in this field.

Make more Money

The master degree holders of social work earn a good amount of money. You’ll get fantastic incentives. The opportunities for master degree holders increases as compared to the bachelor degree holders and general social worker. It is estimated that in the US, the average annual “take home income” of master degree holder is around $73,808, whereas an ordinary social worker can bring home around $42,000. The social workers are considered to be underpaid assuming the job responsibilities they have and the number of tasks they do for helping the society. However, in most cases people enter the field with the intention and passion to bring the change in the society and help others. With masters, you don’t only make a little more money, but also make yourself capable of helping people more as compared to other social workers around you.

Exposure to the Field Work

The master’s degree program also includes surveys. The physical surveys help students experience the reality of the nature of this field. A Master’s degree in social work requires a certain number of credit hours of field work before students graduate. In many cases, the final thesis or research work may need students to go for surveys to collect certain data and complete their thesis.

Employers also prefer such graduates who experienced the physical surveys before and know how to tackle the situations and data. They like to see such experiences on the resume of students. MSW is a great achievement and allows you to utilize yourself in the best possible manner for the society and for yourself too.

Practical Trainings

As mentioned above, a social work master’s degree program focuses on practical and physical training in the field along with the academic curriculum. Such trainings allow students to demonstrate their ability and gain more exposure to the ground reality. These trainings include:

  • Surveys in the field
  • Communication with the field experts
  • Psychotherapy
  • Statistical analyses of the data
  • Reporting methodology

A master’s degree holder has several opportunities. Degree holders also have numerous options to choose from and pursue a career in that specific field as mentioned in the list above. Conventionally, a social worker can pursue his career in the below mentioned positions and sectors:

  • Schools, healthcare, administration
  • Various government departments
  • As a clinical social worker in CSW-G (gerontology)
  • As a counselor in public health departments where patients are battling with addictions
  • As a counselor in schools
  • As a psychotherapist, in production industries where several labors are employed
  • As a researcher in a NGO; research on child abuse, peace building, education within a certain territory
  • As an advocate in a private firm and tackle clients and patient to solve their problems

Social work is a great way to contribute to the society and help people in several ways. Since people face more and more issues in today’s world, there is a lot of scope in this field. It involves many tasks which are full of good deeds and you make a difference in this tough world we live in.