When it comes to breakfast or grabbing a snack between meals, there is nothing like ducking into a bakery and sampling a sweet mouth-sized morsel that just melts in your mouth.

While results may vary depending on where you go in the world, most places have shops that will satisfy your sweet tooth amply.


Phoenix is no exception to this rule, as this city have been populated by well-off folks looking to escape the cold and darkness of northern latitudes during the winter months.

The money they have so spend has given rise to a number of amazing bakeries; if anyone should know about this trends, it’s Larry Pohill Cafe Valley, as he has ran a firm in the Phoenix area that supplied baked goods to a variety of storefronts in that region for many years.

If there is anyone who knows what goes into an expertly-made bagel, croissant, or donut, it’s him.

If you want to try out some of the joints that have inspired his creations over the years, visiting the following bakeries in Phoenix will give you an idea of the heavenly flavors he has attempted to copy and spin-off into his own treats.

1) Desert Donuts

Of all the baked goods Americans love, donuts are tops with many of them, as their portability and versatility allows for a wide variety of flavor sensations.

Desert Donuts takes this pastry a step further by allowing their customers to personalize their donuts with a wide array of toppings, from sprinkles to peanut butter.

Made fresh in front of you, this experience will have you salivating from the moment you place your order.

2) PARIS Rendez-Vous

Despite what you might think, the name of PARIS Rendez-Vous is not just some marketing ploy by the owners of this bakery.

It is a reflection of who they are, as the people behind this popular joint are in fact French expats who decided to open an authentic Parisian-style boulangerie in the midst of the Valley of the Sun.

Past customers from France have commented that this place is the real deal, but baguettes and croissants won’t be the only thing you’ll find here – they have also branched into scooping gelato, which an endless stream of customers rave about.

3) Essence Bakery – Arcadia

Looking for a great place to have brunch while in Phoenix? The Essence Bakery in the neighborhood of Arcadia is a choice spot for this meal, as their breakfast sandwich, huevos frenchos and french toast have brought a consistent stream of folks from outside the neighbourhood to eat here on weekends.

The coffee is strong and the macaroons are to die for, so if you find yourself in the area, drop in during your time here.

4) The Bagel Man

If bagels are your thing, then you owe it to yourself to eat breakfast or brunch at The Bagel Man. Their lox bagels have gotten rave reviews from New Yorkers, which is lofty praise to heap on any establishment of this variety.

Fresh, soft and chewy to eat, from pumpernickel to sea salt, there are plenty of varieties that will impress any baked good enthusiast.