Cats are wonderful pets to keep. So many people keep cats as their pets. Well if you love cats, we have the best cat films that you may love to watch. You can watch these movies online or play real money online casinos usa games when you feel like relaxing.


Cats is an adjustment of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical. Additionally, Lloyd Webber’s musical is based on T.S Eliot’s cycle of poems. The film features a transformed all-star cast. The cast includes Judy Dench, Taylor Swift among others. The film was released in 2019


Keanu was released in 2016. The film is action comedy themed and it was directed by Peter Atencio. Rell had just been dumped by his girlfriend when he found a cat on his doorstep. Rell immediately liked the cat and named it Keanu.


The movie was produced in 1962. In this film, rescuing moggy complicates Ripley’s escape. It also reveals the affectionate defensive side to her strong nature.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The film is an adaptation of Truman Capote’s novel. Capote did not like the idea of Audry Hepburn casting the movie as drifter-turned-grifter Holly Golightly but instead he preferred Marilyn Monroe. The movie premiered in 1962 captivating many audiences. You will love this movie even when you are busy playing best casino games on your mobile phone, it will keep you entertained.

A street Cat Named Bob

A Street Cat Named Bob premiered in 2016. The film is based on an award-winning book. The book itself was based on a true story of a homeless addict, James Bowen. James Bowen finds love and redemption when he meets a cat named Bob. James decides to get clean after a friend dies of addition. He is helped by the presence of his cat Bob when he decides to get clean.


Kedi is a documentary about cats. It was filmed in 2016, in Istanbul. The documentary showed that people were taking comfort in thousands of street cats and were not intending to take away their freedom. The documentary shows the cats wandering through street markets, cafes, workshops, artists’ studios as well as other places.