In today’s world, people are busy in there day to day life. They don’t have much time to talk to their children and asked to them what’s going in their life. But as Parents, we all are worried about our children but due to lack of time, we aren’t able to spend time with them and talk with them. With whom they are spending time which types of friends they have. where they are going. So just for their Safety purpose, the FamiSafe parental control application has been developed. FamiSafe application is the most trustworthy and controlling application for your children. By the use of this application, you can able to find your children’s real-time location and their day-to-day activities. So as a parent you don’t be worried when your kids go somewhere alone you can easily track their location.

As we can filter the web it is one of the best features in the WonderShare FamiSafe Parental control App, by the help of this we can and block unwanted websites from chrome as well as safari also. As we know that there are lots of unwanted websites which are not good for our kids. Like there are lots of adult websites and some other types of websites that are not good for kids, so with the help of this FamiSafe, you can easily filter that type of website.

The FamiSafe Control Application Comes with lots of great features. With the help of this application, you can easily control your kids’ monitor and it makes it unique from other applications. It gives you real-time location tracking, apart from these it also gives lots of features like Game app filtering, Porn site blocking, Screen time control, Detects Suspicious photos as well as text.

The Wondershare FaniSafe gives you lots of benefits with the help of this application you can check the web browsing history apart from this if you want to view what your child has done on their device, with the help of the activity report section you can easily see it. The uninstalling of any app is not possible without the permission of yours.

Some Unique features of FamiSafe

1 One of the best features of this application is that you can check the location history and timeline of that particular location. The FamiSafe gives you real-time location and with the help of these features, you can track their location and keep them safe.

2 If your children bunk classes then don’t worry you will aware of where is he/she. you can also make some boundaries with the help of this application if your kids cross those boundaries, you can get an alert notification.

3 The best part of this application is it’s available for every platform like for ios it is ios parental control, for android, it’s an android parental control app, for windows, it’s windows parental controls app, and so on.

4 You can also set your kid’s screen time so he/she can’t use it for a long time and this way he/she isn’t able to spend more time on their device.

How to use this application

The use of this application is quite easy and it is also very user-friendly, and due to its Screen control Features, no kid can use a phone for long hours. We can easily control their screen time and this keeps your kid’s eyes healthy. There are Three Simple Steps to use it.

Step1: Register yourself in the FamiSafe app through the website or download the application on your device through google play or the Apple store.

Step2: Now, you can install the FamiSafe Parental control app on your device and your kid’s device.

Step3: With the help of the FamiSafe Dashboard application or website, you can connect or manage the all devices which you want to track.

Price and Plans

If we talk about the Price and Plans then it is one of the best plans at a very affordable price. There are 10 devices you can use depending on your subscription plans.

FamiSafe offers three types of plans they are monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions.

  • In a monthly plan, you have to pay $9.99/month to protect 5 devices with all features.
  • In a quarterly plan, you have to pay $19.99/month for the protection of 10 devices with all features.
  • And in a yearly plan, you have to pay $59.99/month and protect up to 10devices with all its features.






So as a Parent you can control your children with the help of FamiSafe.    it gives you the satisfaction that your children are safe and you can relax.

FamiSafe works very well and it is available at an affordable price on every platform.

So, anyone can use it. It is the most reliable and best kid tracking app at a very affordable price.