Investing in custom seat covers and custom floor mats is a great way to keep the interior of your car looking fresh and clean. Seat covers protect the original upholstery in your car, maintaining its resale value while making it easier to clean up messes and pet hair. To clean your seat covers, you’ll want to refer to the instructions or check the type of fabric. Here are some basic cleaning instructions for various types of fabric:

  • Neoprene – use a wet cloth to wipe the dirt off. You can use a wetsuit shampoo to clean the material. Rinse with a wet cloth. Let the seat cover dry in the sun.
  • Simulated leather or vinyl – Vacuum the covers. Use a vinyl cleaner on the surface. Clean it with a damp cloth, then dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Polyester – remove the seat covers and wash in the washer with a mild detergent on a delicate setting. Hang to dry or use a machine to dry on a gentle/cool cycle.
  • Tweed – vacuum before cleaning, because dirt and hair can get into the weave of the fabric. You’ll want to handwash tweed to maintain its durability. Hang to dry. Heat can damage the fibers, so use cooler water.

How To Make Your Interior Look Brand New

It doesn’t take long to clean out your car and keep it looking its best. First, remove all the trash in the car. Next, wipe down the dashboard with a microfiber cloth. You can buy dashboard cleaners or interior detailers that make it easier to wash off the dirt. Clean the knobs, buttons and vents. Polish the dash. Use an auto glass cleaner to clean the inside of your windows. Wipe down the seats or clean the seat covers. Take out the floor mats and wash them down. Vacuum the interior of your car. Spending an hour a week taking care of your car’s interior can help you maintain its value and make sure it’s always ready for that special passenger.

Benefits To a Custom Seat Cover

Custom car seat covers have many benefits over universal seat covers. A custom car seat is designed to fit the seat in your car, not just a seat style of multiple makes and models. You get a good fit. Although a customer car seat cover is more expensive, it is worth the cost.

You can choose your favorite design with a custom car seat cover. You may have more color options that fit your style and personality, as well as the color of your car. These covers are also easy to install because you won’t be worried about the seat cover not fitting. When you choose a durable material, a custom cover will last longer and protect your seat more effectively than a universal cover.

With a wide inventory of aftermarket parts, such as truck covers for sale, you’ll find everything you need to make your vehicle more functional and efficient for the way you drive. Invest in your car by adding custom seat covers that add style and personality to your ride.