While the average person may associate restaurants with food, the fact is that running a restaurant is a business, and it’s a challenging one. Serving wonderful food is not enough to make your business succeed.

Competition from a seemingly never-ending number of new restaurants and food trucks doesn’t appear to be slackening any time soon. It’s in this context that many restaurants across North America have turned to employee scheduling software as a means to bring powerful, smart, and secure tools to help manage their employees and the restaurant itself.

Read on to learn more about how employee scheduling software works.

Perfect Schedules, Quickly

Creating a schedule for so many people involves the weekly activity of sorting out so many moving pieces into a coherent and ordered system that everybody must agree on, but you can make employee scheduling easy with 7shifts cloud-based software, and reduce the time it takes by as much as 80%. Not only will this save your restaurant 1-3% in labor costs, your employees will love how gaining more control over their work schedule makes their personal life much more organized.

Every employee can submit both their work availability and request days off remotely. If an employee learns they need a day off, they don’t need to wait until they get to the staff room to ask their manager for it. They can simply make the request that same instant. Also, your manager will always know ahead of time that the restaurant is fully staffed.

Software that makes a frustrating process easy, reduces your labor costs, and manages to keep your restaurant and all its staff organized is indeed a powerful tool.

Manager Log Books

Employee scheduling software does a lot more than its name suggests: this cloud-based software produces actionable intelligence about every aspect of your restaurant, and presents it all in easily digestible manager log books.

It tracks all kinds of stats such as total sales, labor costs, labor as a percentage of expenses, and even weather (which matters for restaurants that count on patio season). Employee scheduling software also lets you track other custom stats, so you’ll always know everything that’s going on at each restaurant location.

The manager log books even has a dedicated section where employees can rate their shift and provide feedback on how they think it went. Sometimes important things in your restaurant elude quantification in other kinds of statistics, so consulting the eyes and ears of your frontline workers is a great way to close this gap.

Because the software is cloud-based, the manager log books are accessible from anywhere by laptop, desktop, or remote device, and the data in them is always updated in real time. It’s also impossible to lose the books.

Business owners know that time is money and knowledge is power — employee scheduling software saves your restaurant time and puts knowledge in its hands. When competing against fellow restaurants or the latest food truck to hit the streets, you better hope they aren’t also using employee scheduling software.