Brainwave Entrainment can help you become more of a success

The human brain is one of the perplexed organs in the body. The way a person talks, walks, acts, and feel are all determined by the brain. The body responds from electrical impulses that are produced by this mighty organ and without them, people would become lifeless or in a zombie state. Unfortunately the day to day trials and tribulations tend to get the best of us causing high levels of stress. When the mind or body is stressed; health issues are sure to follow, but there is one way to get yourself back on track or maintain at peak levels.

     Brainwave Entrainment is a proven method for getting your mind and body back in sync with one another. It’s basically cycles of rhythmic synchronization of soundwaves that will increase relaxation or concentration. For Example: Two unsynchronized pendulum clocks sitting side by side will surely synchronize after a period of time. It’s not telekinesis, but more so energy that feeds off one another and that’s where Revolutioner comes into play. Revolutioner provides you with a sense of mental healing by use of soundwaves and this method of brainwave entrainment is giving it’s users many benefits such as:


  • Anxiety/Stress Reduction: Work, kids, or just life in-general can leave you mentally exhausted and you never seem to find time to decompress. (BE) helps you to relax while going through these situations. There was a study conducted back in 2000 at the Dutch Addiction Center for people whom had an addiction to higher workloads. Parts of the group used brainwave entrainment and the other half didn’t. Guess what happened?  The group that used (BE) ended up with lower stress levels and anxiety while the remaining group continued with being overly stressed and full of anxiety.  

  • Better Sleep Quality: Insomnia is a disorder that many people suffer with. Falling asleep is all, but a dream and if your mind is racing; you’ll be tossing and turning all night long. Revolutioner’s Brainwave Entrainment can stimulate brainwave frequencies that will help you drift off to sleep naturally. The major culprit for insomnia comes from a racing mind state that lacks the right activity or (SMR) Sensory Motor Rhythm. Revolutioner’s program will mimic this rhythm thus helping you fall asleep. Have you ever heard someone say listening to the rain helps them sleep better? Certain sounds can give someone a sense of relaxation and tranquility. 

  • Boosts Ambition and Energy: Revolutioner can create positive effects in the brain similar to dopamine. This program uses a wide range of brainwave stimulations that are designed for specific purposes. There is no universal type or common denominator because no two people are the same. Different times call for different measures. This type of stimulation creates a pattern that increases motivation and energy levels.

  • Sports Performance: Let’s be honest for second. Athletics are just as mental if not physical. Mind games are the best way to throw someone off their game if you can’t physically beat them. Have you ever seen professional athletes walk around with headphones on listening to certain music? This form of stimulation psych’s a player up and puts them in the correct state of mind for dealing with the task at hand. Many coaches are starting to you use brainwave stimulation for hyping up the moment and getting the players ready. Revolutioner does the exact same thing, but it’s being EEG Monitored for you while comparing it to the competition’s best. In time your brainwaves will simulate that of your competitors thus giving you an edge. Sports performance stimulation is in basketball, football, swimming, exercising, racing, or whatever inspires you. This method prepares you for battle even if you’re out gunned. Boxer Muhammad Ali was a master of mind manipulation. Yes, he had all the physical tools, but his verbal spars would get in the head of his opponents causing them to take chances or do things they weren’t really accustomed to.

Whatever you goals may be whether it’s sports, business, or health; training your mind will give you the upper edge. Of course you can’t be a one and done kind of guy. You’ll need to be consistent with the program to receive the benefits of service. It’s time to step your game up and if you want a more detailed look at