Devil’s Night, the night before Halloween when local kids cause havoc, has a colourful contemporary history – while mischief has been part of Halloween for time immemorial, the practice of causing mayhem the night before Halloween is a little more modern. There are a number of local traditions: the most famous Devil’s Night happens in Detroit, where 800 fires were started in 1984, prompting a wide community response to patrol the streets.

There are also much more benign traditions, such as Quebec’s “Mat Night,” when local children steal their neighbours’ door mats, and Cabbage Night in the Northeastern US, where kids are known to throw rotten vegetables at houses. In Brampton and the rest of Southern Ontario, Devil’s Night is known for egging houses and smashing open pumpkins. For the most part, you don’t notice it, until that Halloween morning you wake up with eggs on your windows or worse, a broken pumpkin on your windshield and some serious car damage to repair.

What are you supposed to do when neighbourhood kids damage your Ford car or truck? The same thing you should do anytime you damage your vehicle, whether it’s in a collision or you’ve just worn something down: take it to a Ford dealership near you. Why should you head to a local dealership instead of the mechanic, even if you’re off-warranty?

#1 Hassle-Free Towing

If your windshield is cracked or your vehicle has suffered serious structural damage, you now need to worry about getting the vehicle to the collision centre. Call your Ford Brampton dealership before you arrive, as they can get your vehicle to the dealership with hassle-free towing, sparing you the stress.

#2 Working with Insurance Companies

A dealership will work with the insurance company to get your vehicle back in tip-top shape as quickly as possible. Don’t stress out acting as a go-between between the mechanic and the insurance company when you’re busy going about the rest of your day, which is difficult enough without your car.

#3 Rental Car Partnerships

Just because your new Ford is out of commission doesn’t mean you get to stay at home. A dealership can make renting a car easier while you wait for repairs. For example, a partnership between E-Cars Rental and Colony Ford Brampton provides local customers with discounts when they have their vehicles in the collision centre.

#4 Factory Quality

Lastly but most importantly, the dealer service centre knows how to bring your Ford back to factory quality. Ford dealers like Colony Ford Brampton hire factory-trained technicians to get your vehicle running and looking like new. That even applies to paint, where they don’t rest until they’ve found the right match for colours and trims. They restore everything to the standards specified by Ford, just the way you expect them.

Whether you’ve been in an accident, it’s time for a tune up, or you’ve found yourself the victim of a Halloween prank, a Brampton Ford dealership will make things right.