In June 2016, the British people took to the polls in landmark referendum: should the United Kingdom remain in the European Union, or should they leave? With a very narrow margin, the British public voted for “Brexit”, meaning that they chose to leave the European Union. Almost one year on, Parliament has democratically agreed to follow the will of the people, and Article 50, which starts the formal process of leaving the European Union, will be triggered in March 2017.


Interestingly, this happening was prophesized by TB Joshua, supreme leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on Christmas Day 2011, four and a half years before the vote, and several years before the United Kingdom’s government even agreed to hold the referendum in the first place. The prophecy as made by TB Joshua was recorded, as all his sermons are, which further proves the fact this was a prophecy, made long before the actual event.

Specifically, the prophet asked his followers to pray for the community of Europe. He felt that the Euro, the currency that holds it together, will lose its interest. He also felt that more countries would try to leave the Euro behind, which would inevitably mean that more countries would hold a referendum to leave the European Union altogether. Joshua speaks as a Man of God, and if he asks his people to pray for it, it is because the Lord has shown him that no good can come out of what he foresees.

Who Is TB Joshua?

TB Joshua was once a young man from an impoverished neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria. A high school dropout, he worked various jobs until he received his calling. His first church was founded with just eight members, but Satan instantly took an interest and started to put obstacles in the way. In fact, natural disasters destroyed the church building three different times. Yet, TB Joshua believes that he follows the will of the Lord and simply continued to build. Today, his Church is one of the most impressive buildings in Nigeria, and its halls are filled for every sermon, which are also broadcasted around the world for millions more to see.

TB Joshua frequently makes prophecies, and these have all come true. His prophecy about the European Union seems particularly poignant. The United Kingdom did indeed decide to leave the Union, and is in the process of doing so. Meanwhile, many other countries are suggesting holding a similar referendum, effectively throwing the entire Union into disarray and perhaps disbanding it altogether. The European Union has been able to prevent war on European soil for nearly 100 years, however, and people are quite rightly worried. For Joshua, the fear is that this is the work of Satan, trying to take people’s attention away from the way of God. He has asked his congregation to continue to pray for the people of Europe in an attempt to call for unity, even in the face of overwhelming division.