The traditional banking customer profile is changing. The younger, digitally savvy consumer is entering the stage of life where where financial services are required, yet they are looking for a different kind of relationship with their banks than previous generations. As these customers enter this new stage, the use of technology within the financial sector is becoming more and more prevalent. As the tech-savvy Millennials and Generation Z mature, they are demanding a very different type of customer experience than what their “parent’s bank” can offer. 

One fintech company out of Canada understood that the tried and true, traditional model of the bank-customer relationship wouldn’t meet the needs of these digital consumers. And the reality is, regardless of age, we are all looking for more real-time, transparent and digital integration from all the businesses we choose to interact with. Unlike traditional banking institutions that are often encumbered by their legacy programs and stagnant ways of thinking about their value proposition to their customers, Brim Financial set out on a mission to create a first of its kind offer for its target consumer. 

Leveling Up on Mobile Banking

While Mobile Banking has become table stakes in the financial sector, Brim Financial has taken innovation in the mobile banking space to a whole other level. They have taken a mobile-first approach to banking, putting their bespoke platform front and venter of their consumer relationship – and built their entire experience around their digital platforms. 

Their Open Rewards program was built around their proprietary tech-platform, and is a technology-forward alternative to solve for the limitations of other competitive rewards programs on the market. Their credit cards are also seamlessly integrated with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Brim Financial has also created a suite of security features that truly reflect and support their mobile-first philosophy. 

Approaching Rewards with a Global, Digital Mindset

Consumers want more than just a digital interface for engaging with businesses. And Brim Financial set out to meet the true needs of the customers they serve by injecting their rewards program with innovative features that truly reflect the way that people live today, and are unlike any other rewards program on the market. 

“Consumers today are demanding financial solutions that are flexible, match their changing lifestyles and deliver the most value possible, both in the sense of rewards and features. At Brim, having a consumer-centric focus paired with building our own tech platform from the ground up, has allowed us to fulfill the need for mobile-first, rewarding and hyper personalized experiences,” said Rasha Katabi, CEO and Founder of Brim Financial. “From uncapped point earning potential with Brim Marketplace to unrestricted point redemption, we allow our members to redeem their points on any purchase made in the world, at any time. We offer our users tremendous value from a loyalty and rewards perspective.”

As technology advancements continue to change the financial industry, companies that embrace a digital sensibility will continue to add more relevancy to their customers’ lives.