Unfortunately, despite gargantuan advancements in the world of technology we are yet to create any kind of machine whereby you will be able to travel into the future, possibly for the best. There are however lots of ways in which you can take a look into what the future has in store for you. For years humans have searched to find ways of telling our fortunes and some you may believe, others you may not, if however you want to see what life holds for you then here are some ways in which you can do so.


Palm Reading

Palm reading or chiromancy is where a trained professional can look at your palm, more specifically the lines on your palm, and be able to predict what kind of life you will have. The key lines which are reviewed are the lifeline, the heart line, the head line and some people also have a fourth line which is the fate line. It is said that the left hand indicates what has been accumulated throughout your life and that the right indicates what kind of life you will have.

See a Psychic

Getting a reading from a psychic is a very popular way for many to see what will happen in their lives and to receive guidance from the after life. A psychic uses what is called ESP or extra sensory perception, this is a sense that some are born with that allows them to see in to the future and be able to read deeper signs into life. Visiting a psychic can be a harrowing experience for some as it is important to remember that not all psychics will deliver good news, it may be that your future is not filled with sunshine and rainbows and you should be prepared to hear news that you may not want to hear.

Tarot Cards

Originally created as an ancient Chinese card game, tarot cards are these days far more used in tarotology or cartomancy as a way of reading the future using cards. The practice involves asking a question of the cards and then when they are dealt out in the correct fashion they can give a prediction on future events. Practitioners who offer tarot card readings need to have trained in the skill for many years before being able to offer readings with any great sense of accuracy.

Analyzing Dreams

Analyzing your own dreams can be a great way of seeing into your own future, during your brain’s rest period it will process huge amounts of data and actually make predictions which manifest themselves as dreams. To analyze your dreams it is important that you keep a dream diary so that you can look out for any patterns or trends. Once you have highlighted the types of dreams that you have been having then you can consult the internet or a dream analysis book to find out what they mean and what it indicates about your future.