When moving into a new house, it is important to make as much of the space as possible. There is nothing worse than having a cramped and cluttered house. This can make important things harder to find and could make everyone in the house feel stressed.

Read this helpful guide in order to maximise the amount of space in a new house.

Put Items Into Storage

Everyone has items which they only use occasionally. This could be anything from power tools to musical instruments. Instead of taking these items to the new house, why not consider hiring a self storage unit for a few months. This means that any items which are not immediately useful can be kept safely out of the way.

Research different storage companies to compare costs and to see which firm offers the best and most secure storage units. People should choose a company which has a fully operating security system as well as guards. This will ensure that possessions are kept as safe as possible and won’t be taken by burglars. Some companies offer discounts for long-term storage. People will also need to consider a convenient location if they will need to have these items close at hand. More information on storage can be found by clicking the link.

Hold A Sale

People who are moving can also hold a sale if they want some money for their unwanted items. Work out which items will be most valuable and take any other items to a local charity shop where they can be sold on for a good cause.

Replace Small Furniture For Bigger Pieces

Small furniture can make a house feel cluttered, especially if there are lots of chairs dotted around the house which make it difficult to move around. Choose bigger furniture such as three-piece sofas, which will maximise the floor space in the living room.

This can be repeated in the dining room. Instead of using individual dining room chairs, consider buying long benches which people can sit on comfortably.

Use Shelves And Wall-Boxes

Vertical storage is extremely useful, so put up some shelves or wall boxes in order to store everything from books to picture frames. This means that the floors and furniture won’t be unnecessarily cluttered with items.

Work Out The Floorplan Before Moving

Working out the floor plan before moving is a sensible idea. This means that people will be able to position all the furniture so that it does not take up too much space. As well as saving space, this will save lots of time on moving day.

Storage Items In The Garage

It is a good idea to park the car on the drive, freeing up space to use the garage as a storage facility. Make sure that the car is completely secure on the driveway by fixing clamps to the wheels and the steering wheel.

Use this guide to create as much space in the house as possible.