When it comes to being in business, you have a lot to deal with. From running a growing team to handling accounts to shipping products there is a huge amount of work. By using a pallet courier you can store and ship goods quickly and easily wherever it needs to go.

The standard material for a pallet is wood but plastic and metal options are available in some cases. All you need to do is put the items onto a pallet and then secure it with either shrink wrap or straps before booking a collection.


Four benefits of using a pallet courier

1. Cost Effective

Oftentimes, product based companies will have a couple of vans or trucks in their fleet to deal with deliveries. This is unnecessary when you can get competitive quotes on shipments of varying sizes from across the internet, making for cheaper overheads.

Not only this, but sometimes shipping things together in a pallet is a sound alternative to individual parcel delivery. By sending a bulk load of stuff all together you will save more money and probably deliver items quicker. Regular senders also usually get discounts with a pallet courier.

2. Faster Turnaround

Again, if you use a pallet to move numerous crates, cartons or even parcels, they will be handled quicker. This increases operational efficiency, lowering labour costs and keeping everything together so that it can be moved around.

3. Protection

Particularly useful if you’re moving food, the fact that they are placed in a pallet and sealed means goods should be more protected. With the right drainage and circulation, they are safely stored until reaching the final destination.

4. Streamlining

Staying in business – and growing – is aided through streamlining operations as much as possible. By getting in with a delivery network, you will be able to focus on how you use them and spend more time, and money even, in other key areas such as customer service.

How does a pallet courier work?

Usually, the companies offer a door-to-door service. All you need to do is prepare a half pallet or full pallet and use an online system to get a quote from a company that can compare prices from across providers.

They will collect items from hard standing areas and you will be able to choose from premium to standard delivery. Some may be able to offer same day collections but that will depend on the service and what you wish to send.

Oftentimes, a pallet base can’t be more than 1.2m by 1m and you will be liable to packing and attaching things to the pallet that you are sending. There will be a printed label to stick onto it and you are usually covered up to £50 as standard.