If you’re planning on playing at a casino online, the first thing you should be doing is checking out reviews. You can research different sites and find out what they have to say about the casinos themselves. But how reliable are those reviews?

These reviews could be biased in favour of some agenda. Even worse, they might not necessarily be telling the truth about what’s going on. The reviews could even be a scam in themselves trying to lure you into some false sites where they pretend to praise a casino that’s not very good. Well, here are some things you can do to assess the casino reviews’ genuineness.

Check To See What Else They Say About Casinos

What does your reviewer say about the casinos? If an online casino reviewer has assessed hundreds of casinos and still left comments about dozens of them, you can be pretty sure that they have a good grasp on how to tell the good ones from the bad ones. That means if they wrote a negative review, it’s probably as accurate as it gets. You can trust them.

Check for Reviews That Aren’t Biased

The best way to prevent yourself from finding bad reviews is by just checking a broad range of media types. Don’t take anything one has to say as the be-all and end-all. They could have an axe to grind somewhere, or they might not even know what they’re talking about.

Check the Site’s ‘About Us’ Section

The next thing you should do is check out a website’s “about us” section to see who runs it and what their agenda might be. After reading this section, you know what the reviewer’s interests are and whether they can be trusted. There’s so much you can tell by reading through this section.

Check the Site’s Editing Process

If a blog is open to the public and anyone can submit their articles freely, you should find out what editing process it goes through before it gets posted online. If no one looks over it or if it’s just posted based on the whims of whoever writes it, you have to wonder what sort of quality you’re going to get.

Check If There Are Any Sources Cited

Even though some writers will cite their sources, not all do. If they want to know if a casino is good or bad, they should cite the sources where they got their information. Otherwise, how do you know they’re reliable or whether they are just inventing stories out of whole cloth?

Check All Other Reviews about Them In General

While you should check gaming blogs for game reviews (as well as more general gaming sites), it’s also a good idea to browse through general review sites, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and others. These sites are usually very open with their information because they don’t serve any other agenda. They are watchdogs for all other sites and deliver truthful information. If your preferred reviewer has hundreds of negative reviews, you should steer clear.

Check To See What Else They Do For a Living

Another good way to check out whether or not your reviewer is trustworthy is by checking out what else they do for a living. If they are working on this full time, you can be pretty confident that they’re not trying to fool you and that their reviews are genuine. They know what they’re doing.

Check Out How Up-To-Date the Review Is

The more up-to-date a review is, the better it probably will be to determine whether a casino is good. Of course, that’s usually just the case if there are other reviews posted, too. If all you have is one review online, written two years ago, maybe that’s not a good sign.

Look For a Site That Is Transparent About Biasness

Some sites will state their biases and explain why they have them, which is quite helpful in deciding whether or not to trust someone. If you can find such a site, you can be pretty sure their reviews will be accurate.

Look For Reviewers Who Get Paid To Post Reviews

If someone has to pay someone to post a review about them, you can be pretty sure they will pay someone else to post reviews about their competition. On the other hand, if somebody is willing to critique and review casinos without getting paid (as most conscientious bloggers do), you can be pretty sure that they either are doing it because they like doing so. It is because they want to do it. The latter is probably a good sign because if someone doesn’t get paid, their reviews will probably be honest and accurate.

Look At The Domain Name Of The Website.

If it’s something like “casinoreviewsonlinewebsite”, then that’s probably too obvious a scamming attempt. It is even worse if there are no other texts or details on the page or company information at all. You can’t trust a company that can’t be bothered to write out their name; it is questionable.


It can be challenging to know whether reviews on the internet are genuine or not. If you want to know the truth about a casino, read reviews with an open mind. You should not be biased in any way and make sure that all of your information is coming from an unbiased source. Ultimately, we hope that by reading this blog post, you will gain some knowledge about what kind of casino reviews can help steer your decision-making process in choosing where to play at online casinos.