When you have mastered the basic chain, slip, single and double stitches, you might be ready to try stitches that are more complicated and work-intensive. They may be difficult or frustrating at first, but with enough time and practice, they will feel as simple as any other stitch you have conquered. You should read this list of unique and beautiful stitches to challenge yourself in the art of crochet and raise your skills to new heights.  

Before going through the amazing stitches that you should learn, you need to make sure that you have enough yarn on hand to practice — while there are tons of yarn suppliers to choose from you will want one that can provide as much variety as possible. The website Yarnspirations holds an incredible range of yarn options for all of your crocheting needs so that you can access plenty of different yarn weights, fibers and colours. Yarnspirations also has an abundance of pattern instructions, tips and tutorials to help crochet-lovers of any skill level improve their abilities.

Here is a quick list of five crochet stitches that you should attempt in hopes to master them and include them in your list of crafting skills:

  • Moss

The main difficulty with the moss stitch is that crafters often get it confused with the seed stitch — this is because the moss and seed stitch are considered the same in the United Kingdom, while the American moss stitch is different. The American moss stitch is an elongated version of the seed stitch — this change results in a softer texture than the seed pattern, which looks and feels bumpy.

  • Waffle 

As you can tell by the name, this stitch mimics the pattern of a thick breakfast waffle taken right off of a hot press. The pattern can be very subtle or bold depending on the type of yarn that you use — a thicker yarn will make the edges stand out from the piece.

  • Crocodile

This particular technique is also called the scale stitch because the pattern resembles rows of thick reptilian scales. The crocodile stitch is known for being an advanced technique and requires lots of patience to complete — give yourself a long window of time to get started on this one or it will only make the experience stressful.

  • Shell 

This stitch makes a lovely scalloped pattern that can be understated if you make the piece monochromatic. It can also create a dynamic pattern if you are attempting a multi-coloured item, especially if each line is a different bright hue.

  • Even Berry 

The Even Berry is an intricate stitch known for its interesting bubble design that mirrors rows of berries in a patch. To make the technique even trickier for yourself, you can also add different colours of yarn to complicate the pattern.

When you have mastered these memorable techniques, you can always explore other ones found online or recommended by fellow crafters. It’s important to challenge yourself and set new goals with your creative hobby so that you can continue to get better and better.