Can a game Change your Life Forever?

Playing games online, on a desktop computer or a smartphone, is part of the everyday life today. Most games are fun to play, but few of them have a major impact on our lives. Except for one type, that you can play online for real money. The online slots available at are not only fun, but can also change your life forever.


Last April, when Mark first registered at the Royal Vegas Casino, he didn’t think of changing his life for good. He was only seeking to play some online slots on the go. But Lady Luck smiled on him when he least expected: about a week after becoming a Royal Vegas member, he hit a jackpot worth over $7.5 million.

“Mark A had only been a player with us for 7 days; I don’t think you could ask for a better start to playing at Royal Vegas,” a spokesperson for the operator told the press. “One of our senior VIP executive hosts had the pleasure of phoning Mark to confirm the win and to congratulate him; to say he was elated is an understatement. Everyone here at Royal Vegas would like to congratulate Mark on this mammoth and historic win.”

Such massive wins can happen any day

Playing online for real money is not a viable money making method. Its games – games of chance – are far too unpredictable to be considered as such. But most people don’t even consider them to be that – instead, they think of them as nothing but online entertainment. And that is exactly what they are meant to be: games played for fun, with the chance to make you rich.

But playing these games, especially those with a progressive jackpot involved, have the potential to change your life forever – if you are lucky, of course. Come to think of it, you have a better chance to hit a slot machine jackpot than winning a lottery – all this while having much more fun.

How much can I win?

Well, it depends on a lot of things. The largest ever jackpot win paid out to an online player was £13.2 million, which has later been confirmed to be a Guinness World Record. Some games have jackpots worth millions, others come with smaller prizes – a few tens, hundreds, or even thousands. But in the end, if you are a player, this is not really important – especially since online games are not built to make you rich.

What matters the most is for you to enjoy playing your favorite games. Whether you prefer to play them free, or for real money, is up to you.