Forklift trucks can be used for a wide range of essential tasks, and having access to vehicles like this might help dramatically improve efficiency within your firm. However, if you’ve not chosen these trucks before for your business, you might struggle to know which ones to go for. To make your life a little easier, here are some of the most important factors you’ll need to consider when you’re making your selection.



Forklifts can be powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel or electricity, and each of these fuels has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to get to grips with these before you make any decisions. Gas powered vehicles are popular among many different organisations for a number of reasons. For example, they tend to be competitively priced and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, as it states on the website of LPG experts, this fuel produces lower emissions than diesel and it is highly reliable. Other benefits include speedy refuelling, an impressive power to weight ratio and quiet operation.

Diesel trucks are also quick to refuel and they are especially good for outdoor use, but they are noisier, more polluting and unsuitable for indoor operation. In contrast, electric trucks can be ideal for certain indoor tasks, but they don’t tend to be as powerful as diesel or gas powered models and they can’t be used outside. Also, recharging these vehicles takes more time, meaning they can’t be used around the clock.

 Size and features

It’s essential to think carefully about the size of trucks you require and the features you want them to have. Your vehicles will need to be able to manoeuvre comfortably in the available space and they must be able to cope with the size and weight of loads you plan to lift. To give yourself some leeway, it’s best to opt for a model that can cope with more than the heaviest load you intend to move.

Consider the specific capabilities you want your trucks to have too. The most common designs are counterbalance models, but if you need to access loads that are located very high up, you may want to opt for reach models. Meanwhile, sideloaders are effective at handling long materials like sheets and piping that may be unstable on a counterbalance vehicle.

 Price tag

Of course, price is also key. Bear in mind that there are ways to save money when you’re searching for these vehicles. For example, rather than buying new, you can purchase second-hand models at reduced prices. Just make sure that if you do this, the trucks have been fully checked and serviced before you commit to buying them. Another option if you want to avoid the upfront costs is to hire your forklifts.

As long as you consider issues like these when you’re searching for trucks for your business, you should find the perfect solutions.