Creating an app can open up your business to new generations, allowing it to thrive ... photo by CC user  wolfgangkuhnle on Flickr

For some time now the modern business environment has centered around the Internet; these days businesses can use the World Wide Web to communicate with clients and suppliers, to access resources that may have been previously unobtainable, to develop their business model beyond recognition, and to compete on a global stage against companies of any size.

Similarly, customers now, more than ever before, are accustomed to finding out about businesses, and the services they offer, via websites and mobile apps, and so designing and maintaining a good online presence by creating an app or a website that is highly interactive and usable is absolutely essential – particularly for smaller and niche companies. Imagine being able to compete against every big name business you’ve ever heard for, and then decide if the Internet is right for your company!

Making a good first impression with a mobile app

User experience design, often shortened to UX design, is absolutely crucial in the world of web development, as it helps businesses to tailor their web presence, and interactivity, to match their customers’ needs. Having developed a successful online presence, it is time to start thinking about mobile websites and apps; after all, these may be the primary ways in which a customer will navigate, and engage with, your products and services, as well as being a fantastic way for them to communicate with you and share your details with their family, friends, and business associates. It is essential not to take the design of a mobile app lightly; but just how should you go about creating that good first impression?

Firstly think about the areas in which your website, and mobile site, has succeeded or failed. After all, it makes no sense at all to build on flawed UX design models, or to ignore the factors that have worked really well. In short, to be successful, an app should be easy to navigate, bold and memorable, clutter-free, contain the option for feedback, and ensure the best possible experience for your users, as well as being easy to pick up and put down – such is the design of a mobile phone to fit in with our busy lifestyles.

It is important to remember that an app is deliberately downloaded, and purposefully accessed, by its user and is, essentially, a more personalized version of a web or mobile site; users will often spend much longer accessing and interacting with an app, and so it is essential that you carefully consider just how it will work.

Additionally, apps can often be accessed without an Internet connection, which is crucial if you’re hoping for business longevity, as well as a highly successful product. Enter the experts, such as design studio Worry Free Labs. The world of mobile apps can be a bit of a minefield – which is an understatement in itself – and these app design studios are there for you at every turn, helping you to decipher coding, work through your UX design model, and plough ahead with a wholly successful app. Worry Free Labs will also be there throughout your testing period, and assist in the ironing out of any issues. Can you really afford to be without their knowhow?

Perhaps accessed more than regular websites, mobile sites and apps can do wonders for businesses, bringing them up to date and heralding them onto a global stage. Knowing where to start can be something of a minefield though, particularly when it comes to focusing on UX design and understanding how customers may engage and interact with an app; in cases such as these you should never be afraid to consult with experts, and always be prepared to make changes to your current design model.

With a little graft, a great deal of understanding, and some expert knowhow, there is no reason why your app, and in turn your business, shouldn’t flourish beyond recognition.