Finding the perfect rental apartment can a task of its own complexity. If you are living in America, you must be aware of the various reasons why people search for apartments. The busy schedules and the ability to commute to work has lured people into moving to urban settings.

States like Florida have a large number of people living in apartments nowadays. You will be surprised to know that Florida is the 10th American state to have a significant number of people living in apartments. Almost 13% of the total people in Florida are living in apartments. So, it won’t be surprised when we say that counties like Lakeland have good apartment lodgments and  settings. Lakeland FL Realty has some really amazing options for apartments if you are looking for one.

Once you have moved to your apartment, you immediately start thinking of different ways to decorate it. However, when you are renting your apartment, there might be some significant conditions set forth by the landlords. For example, you cannot simply rent out an apartment and start demolishing the walls however you like.

Fortunately, you can make some changes and do some upgrades that will not change the condition of the apartment nor breach the terms presented by the landlords. These changes are non-permanent and can change the overall outlook of your apartment.

Tips to Decorate Your Rental Apartment with Temporary Décor Items

Most certainly, there are things about the apartment that you dislike to a huge extent but can’t change. For instance, most of the luxury apartment rentals in Chicago come with furnishings like paint. These simply might not be of your liking and you would love to change them but as per the conditions, you are not allowed to.

There are simple things you can do to change the look. Here are a few things:

Add String Lights Under Cabinets

The kitchen and rooms with cabinets could use a little lighting to enhance their overall look. You don’t have to add lamps or energy-consuming bulbs in your rooms to enhance the overall look. It can be a bit of a hassle to find places to place a lamp in apartment kitchens and high-consumption bulbs can actually shoot your bill to the star.

Adding lights under the cabinets of your room and kitchen will help you enhance the overall look of your kitchen. If you add lighting under the cabinets, it will make you feel big and give an aesthetic touch. LED strip lighting is easily available in the market at really reasonable rates. You can add these under the cabinets for a warmer and a trendier kitchen. You can also find these strip lights in different colors.


Houseplants do give your room a fresher and airier aura. People love having fresh plants in their houses for a couple of reasons. For starters, they are a natural purification source of air and they also help maintain the oxygen levels in the house.

Adding plants in your apartments can be a great way to incorporate some non-human forms of life in the apartments. Hanging plants in decorative pots by the windowsill is a great way to make your space look attractive. However, there are only a limited number of windows in an apartment. You can actually maximize the greenery in your surrounding by hammering nails.

There is another simple solution to this. You can use a tension rod and hang decorative plants with hooks.

Fix and Adjust the Lighting

Lighting plays an integral part in the overall look of the room. People need to consider their lighting if they wish to change the overall outlook of the room. People like to have their apartments well-lit and bright. While light-colored paint plays an integral role in making the room bright, swapping out the current lighting with the old lighting fixtures can actually be a great way to transform the look of your apartment.

Add the LED lights to your room and cover them with cylindrical lampshades. This particular idea will allow you to use less lighting and cover more area. You can easily mount the lampshade over lighting fixtures to create a fresh new look.

Let your house shine by adding elegant light fittings. Adjust lamps of differing sizes to illustrate different parts of the house. For example, a table lamp on the study table, reading corners next to the bed, and a large floor lamp to light the whole area. Pick a good shiny finish or a huge pendant lamp.

If you’re not prepared to spend that kind of money on fresh light fittings, tossing out ugly light bulbs with LED bulbs is an inexpensive and simple way to improve the ambiance of your room.

Add Stickers on the Walls

Who doesn’t like stickers? The colorful and bright décor items with a sticky behind. Kids obviously love their fair share of stickers and as an adult, you will be able to enjoy the modern wall stickers that can transform the apartment. And this is temporary for as long as you are there. Think of the walls you don’t like and redecorate them with some really aesthetic stickers.

If you are opting for stickers, there is a simple trick to get them on perfectly. You need to get a clean and smooth finish on the walls if you want it to look perfect. The trick is to have no air bubbles. Start off with smaller stickers to practice on the easy regions of the house and then move to the more complicated options.

Add Textile Items

Adding textiles into a careful wide variety of colors will give your room a stylish, custom-made look. Even if changing your sofa or armchairs isn’t in the budget right now, adding an exquisite material to your pillows and a hand-woven blanket will totally change the look of the furniture you own. Investing in new blankets and pillows for each season is an economical way to keep your home’s decor new and colorful all year round. If you notice, most of the people who look for luxury apartment rentals in Chicago also emphasize greatly on the furnishing. 

Add Paintings

Set a focus zone and make your room a luxurious, trendy point with one large piece of art. Large art that blends with the color tones and patterns of a room will uplift the whole area. You need to pick a high-quality piece that increases the appeal of the room and attracts far-deserved attention to it. Also, when purchased from the correct seller, a large piece of art is often cheaper than constructing a home gallery. Whether you go for abstract patterns or more visionary pieces like calligraphy, just make sure that it complements the color scheme of your room.


Many people consider moving into apartments for various reasons. Even for people looking for an apartment in Lakeland, the Lakeland FL realty will not disappoint you with their large collection. If you are looking forward to moving to an apartment or simply renovating your present apartment, these simple items of décor can actually make your apartment glow and look a lot trendier than what you saw initially. Just add these simple changes and enjoy the difference.