Whether you are a newbie or have years of experience in vaping, knowing more about the different types of electronic cigarettes for sale is very crucial. The information will come in handy when you want to buy a starter kit, upgrade your current e-cig, or just buy a new one to enjoy a new experience. There are different devices available on the market today although all of them use a similar concept of a mouthpiece, tank, coils, and batteries. That said, read through this article to learn about the different electronic cigarettes for sale that you can buy whenever the need arises.

Classic Vape Kits

These are the traditional cigarette-like vape pens and are very simple. They have small tanks that are thin and long. The batteries are also made to fit at the bottom of the tube and can either be single-use or rechargeable.

Classic vape kits are great for beginners and those who are in the process of switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vapes. For those who are looking for electronic cigarettes for sale that are easy to use, try classic vape kits, and you will not regret it.


Another option for electronic cigarettes for sale are e-hookahs, which originated in the USA in 2014. They are similar to the classic e-cigs in that they are long, but their design might vary depending on the manufacturer. They allow users to inhale vapor through the mouthpiece. Most of the e-juice used contains nicotine, which makes them popular among people crossing over from smoking. E-hookahs are colorful and trendy and ideal for young adults.


Juuls are flat and long vape pens that might be mistaken for a flash stick. They are made by the Juuls company in the USA and are targeted at young adult vapers. They use a similar concept as any other vape pen. The vape juice contains nicotine salts packed in a single-use Juuls pod. When looking for electronic cigarettes for sale from a reputable seller such as the one you can find here, remember to ask for a Juuls if you are interested in trying it.

Vape Mods

These are sophisticated electronic cigarettes for sale with numerous features. They are large and have a body with a mouthpiece protruding upwards. Most have a screen on the side to display the vaping modes and configure other features. Vape mods can be expensive depending on the materials they are made of and the features included. Golden, diamond, and hardwood vape mods are more expensive than plastic or simple metal vape devices.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

People who want to vape dry herbs such as marijuana and hemp buds can enjoy this by using dry herb vaporizers. They are still electronic cigarettes for sale on the market today that are designed to heat dry herbs and filter the smoke before it is inhaled. You can buy a portable vaporizer or a desktop option, which is more sophisticated for a better experience.

Choosing your electronic cigarettes for sale is very easy with the above information. Select one that suits your needs to enjoy the experience.