Guilds form a very important part in Barcelona’s history. They were part of the Consell de Cent. These Guilds built headquarters in the main streets of Barcelona. For this tour, you will get to not only discover & enjoy the power of the guilds in Barcelona but also appreciate the role that the Guilds played during the Medieval & modern times in this city.


This is a 3-hour walking tour that begins either at your preferred hotel or near the Gothic Quarter. Also, you get to be guided by a friendly & licensed guide who speaks in your preferred language. The quoted tour price will include the pay for the guide & entrance to the Casa de la Seda.

With its ancient, narrow streets and imprints left on the stones by the various inhabitants, Gothic Quarter’s charms will make the start of your tour quite amazing. The guide will also ensure you get to see the Gothic Cathedral’s chapels & the 15th-century cloister which is guarded by geese. The Cathedral de Barcelona was built for over 600 years. In the Gothic Quarters, you will also get to stroll into a welcoming open space that is the Placa Sant Felip Neri. This is a beautiful square framed by baroque church sant Felipe Neri. In addition, it is framed by the facades of houses of the Shoemakers’ Guild & the Boilermakers’ Guild.

The next phase of this Private Barcelona & the Guild with Casa de la Seda tour will take you to the Jewish Quarter. Also referred to El Call, this quarter was inhabited by Jews until their expulsion in 1492. Do you want to see what is believed to be the oldest Synagogue in Europe? This quarter has the remains of one of the oldest synagogues in its center.

After the Jewish Quarter, you get to experience the medieval past of Barcelona in the Governmental Square. For example, two Roman roads crossed through the Placa Santa Jaume. On the hand, Placa del Rei has a concentration of the oldest buildings in the city. Among them a 1555 lookout tower & the 1362 Salo del Tinell.

Finally, the tour will end at the famous Casa de la Seda or the Silk Makers house. It is the headquarters of the Silk Association and was built 300 years ago. You will see its 4-meter high beautiful sgraffito patterns & unique noble floor. Having a tour inside the Casa de la Seda is the best way to end this Private Barcelona and the Guild with Casa de la Seda trip.