Every recovering addict is hugely conscious of one thing – relapse. No one wants to keep going back to old habits. However, trying to live a better and drug-free life is a journey that should be consciously decided every morning an individual wakes up.

Reborn rehabilitation and treatment center is structured to care for addicts who strive for completeness, acceptance, and freedom. Founded by Erick Bouaziz, a Canadian entrepreneur, the treatment center is catered for individuals of all ages who are struggling with addiction, with the hope of finding their purpose and zeal in life.

Erick Bouaziz is no stranger to the addict lifestyle. Born and raised in Ontario, he started drinking at sixteen, after succumbing to peer pressure. The drinking, which started as a fun and leisurely activity, escalated to intense all-day drinking, which affected his productivity and family life. By the age of 21, he could not start his day without a drink or two. Bouaziz’s lifestyle continued until he lost his job and lost contact with his family due to excessive drinking. By 25, he hit rock bottom after being evacuated from his apartment and ended up waking at the hospital due to alcohol poisoning.

At this time, Bouaziz decided to start afresh by enrolling in a local take him to a treatment facility. When they arrived at the center, Bouaziz became an inpatient who embraced the treatment plans and did everything to get better. He had been a disappointment to his family and himself so many times and just wanted the chance to live a normal life.

Bouaziz’s treatment journey began with the detox process, and three months later, he was discharged into a halfway house for recovery, where he stayed for a further three months. Bouaziz’s dream of rescuing people who had similar experiences to his started after he moved back home. He toyed with the idea with his former business partner, who had been with him every step of the way. He enrolled in Ontario College and started an Addiction and Mental health course. He later got investment and started a new and fulfilling journey towards developing a rehabilitation center. 

Reborn rehabilitation and treatment center opened its doors in 2015 to help in the fight against addiction. What exactly happens at Reborn? The treatment center located in Toronto employs wholesome techniques to curb addictive tendencies. This includes holistic treatment, which helps an individual’s social, emotional, and psychological well being. Behavioral counseling aids the patient deal with underlying issues or trauma that may have led them towards drug and substance abuse. Medication is also administered to the patients, as these play a significant role through detox procedures and overall abstinence. Bouaziz stresses the combination of these types of treatments together to tackle an addiction problem fully. The treatment center customizes individual plans depending on the individual, the type and degree of addiction.

Bouaziz strives to employ different treatment dynamics to patients at the Reborn rehabilitation center. For instance, there are group workshops and sessions, one-on-one therapy, and family therapy.

Being passionate and relying on his spectacular business acumen, Bouaziz has since opened his doors to over 1000 individuals, all of who have undergone rigorous treatment therapies suited to their individual needs.

The center boasts a certified and professional staff dedicated to ensuring each patient is treated with love, respect, and dignity. Each patient is given a counselor who mentors them during their stay. Customer service is vital in rehabilitation centers as a supportive team enhances a patient’s receptiveness to the treatment. At Reborn, the staff is handpicked by Bouaziz and trained on customer care and responsiveness. All the therapists, counselors, and physicians are certified and experienced in addiction treatment, with most having worked at other centers before.

Bouaziz sensitizes the importance of family dynamics in addiction treatment. The patient’s immediate family will be informed of the treatment plans and educated on the necessary information they might need to take care of the patient and dissuade from any triggers. An individual from a supportive family household will be more receptive to treatment plans than the one without a family. Therefore, the Reborn treatment center offers a haven for those without a family structure to access treatment well by being the support system for them. This has created a sense of belonging in numerous patients and fostered a good understanding of community relations.

The rehabilitation center offers inpatient and outpatient programs, with a capacity to accommodate 200 patients. There are various amenities, such as a sports complex, recreational facility, and pool, which provide the patients with a comfortable and cozy transition.  

The center’s aftercare services are inclusive and offer step by step guide to the patient. At Reborn, the patient remains in the center’s care for years. For instance, Bouaziz encourages his patients to strive towards success by relinquishing old habits and practices. Therefore, the center offers weekly visitation to their recovering patients. The treatment center has an alumni network that keeps previous patients accountable for each other throughout their lives. This network enables them to be part of a support system connected for support and guidance and receive a long term treatment plan that may be easily integrated into their lifestyle.

Erick Bouaziz stresses that an individual does not have to hit rock bottom to find a way to fix his life. Those who strive for better experiences and healthy practices can start anytime they can. When you make a conscious decision to change, everything aligns together to support your journey. An individual should have a goal and establish which behaviors they may like to adjust and then work towards changing them. For instance, Bouaziz talks about the importance of setting goals and evaluating success based on consistency. This ensures an individual is responsible and adheres to self rules, which are the most important during behavioral change.

Erick Bouaziz considers Reborn as not just any treatment facility, but a family open to all who need one.