Whilst there will of course be a large portion of you who cannot wait to get back to work as it once was, there will no doubt be a large number of you who have become quite accustomed to staying at home to work. This setup is even better when the world is normal and it gives you the time and flexibility to do a greta number of things. Evan Dombroski is a digital nomad who inspired me to start my own business from home and over the years he has shown hundreds of ways in which people can work and make a great living from the comfort of their own home, and here are some which may inspire you.

Content Writing

Content writing can be very big business indeed and if you get clients who consistently need work doing then this can certainly be a reliable income. In order to be a successful content writer you have to be able to deliver good quality work which is accurate and which is on time. In the early days you may have to take low paid work but eventually you will be able to command a higher rate once you have clients who have trust in the work that you can do for them.


This is becoming a highly successful business model for so many and drop shipping is completely revolutionizing the way in which business is done. The basic premise of this is that you find a supplier to buy goods from and then you use something like Fulfillment by Amazon who store the goods, pick and ship them to your customers once they are purchased. All you have to do is set up your online store and then market your products. The key here is getting the right product at the right price, making sure that it is of good quality and then ensuring that you sell it well.

Third Party Boss

There is a real gap in the market when it comes to people who are looking for paid services online, and you can connect two dots and make money from it. Let’s say that you have someone on Facebook looking for a web design, they have a budget of $5,000 for the work. Now what you can do here is to pitch the job on Craigslist or another site such as this, and pitch the job for $4,000. Once accepted, all you need to do is to act as go between until the job is done, and then collect your $1k.

Social Media Management

With a small amount of investment of time and money you can really up your social media game and then sell your services to many businesses. So many companies don’t have a clue what social media should look like which is why this is a great way for you to make some money, and you’ll find an abundance of clients looking to spend.